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High expectations can be dangerous. I learned this the hard way after planning a trip specifically to dive with whale sharks, a creature that’s evaded the peripheral of my mask for years. On my latest attempt, I ascended with nothing notable to jot in my logbook. Meanwhile, a Discover scuba diver on the same boat tilted his head and asked his guide, “So, what was that huge spotted fish?” In Fiji, the waters around the remote Lau islands hold a mystical reputation. Legend has it the water in Lau is clearer, the sea life is more abundant, and the reefs pop with brighter colors than the rest of Fiji—and the rest of Fiji is already top tier. I heard all

  • Families March 20, 2019
    Celebrating Christmas with Your Family on a Fiji Cruise

    Marau na Kerisimasi! If you’re eyeing up the possibility of a relaxing Fijian cruise this Christmas holiday season, you’ll want to know what to choose from the thousands of locations, sights, sounds, tastes and experiences available to you. Christmas is a communal and social event in Fiji. It’s a time Read More...

  • Cruise Tips March 20, 2019
    Tips for Organising the Family Before, During and After Travel

    Your love of travel doesn’t have to end when you have kids. If you plan it right, travelling with your children can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. To create a wonderful family travel experience, plan ahead and have strategies ready to keep the kids happy. Use proven methods to Read More...

  • Cruise Tips March 20, 2019
    5 Tips for First Timers to Fiji

    In need of a well-deserved holiday filled with relaxation, sunshine, and incredible nature? Fiji could be the destination for you. With so many things to see and do, planning your first trip can be a little overwhelming. But don’t worry - we’ve put together a guide to ensure that you Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    What to Know Before Booking a Cruise

    Cruising is one of the fastest-growing parts of the tourism industry and according to reports, it’s now one of the hottest holiday trends for millennials. So what should you know about cruising? Well... A cruise is essentially a large, floating holiday resort. On board, you can enjoy the luxury and Read More...

  • Fiji Essentials March 20, 2019
    The 6 Most Exciting Activities in Fiji

    Fiji boasts not only some of the most serene experiences in the Pacific, but for those of you who are looking for a little adventure, it’s also home to a whole host of thrills both above and below the crystal-clear waters. Whether you’re a young explorer, thrill seeker, or want Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    What Kinds of People Go On a Cruise?

    One of the most common questions we get from people who’ve never been on a cruise is: what kinds of people will be on the boat? Well, we can’t speak for all cruises, but we do know the kinds of guests who take a Captain Cook Cruise... A Captain Cook Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    Cruising Fiji on a cultural & colonial cruise

    Travel writer Fiona Harper shares her experience cruising Fiji on Captain Cook’s Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise… A time capsule from Fiji’s colonial days, Levuka is a popular stopover on Captain Cook’s 7-night Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise. In its day Levuka was a wild town with a reputation for drunkenness and Read More...

  • News March 20, 2019
    Ocean Swim Fiji – the Ultimate Swimcation

    Float over the Fiji waters on Captain Cook Cruises for the ultimate swimcation! Escape on Ocean Swim Fiji for a five-day luxury travel experience including premium social occasions, exclusive swim clinics, poolside relaxation, and three swim events in crystal clear waters. The event home base of Sofitel Fiji Resort & Read More...

  • News December 7, 2018
    Cure for Kids Fiji – Christmas at Vomo

    Twenty Fijian kids and teens living with Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) enjoyed a day in the Mamanuca Islands today, at the annual ‘Christmas at Vomo’ event by Cure Kids Fiji, thanks to Vomo Island Fiji and Captain Cook Cruises Fiji. (more…) Read More...

  • News November 2, 2018
    The Great Fiji Bra Drive

    In partnership with Virgin Australia, Captain Cook Cruises helped distribute over 1000 bras in the Mamanucas this month as part of The Great Fiji Bra Drive. (more…) Read More...

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All was just excellent, the crew, the guests, the food, it was a holiday in paradise!

Susanne, Switzerland, 18/2/2020

Great food, love the music, fun and full of exciting activities.

Meli, Aust, 3/1/2020

Brilliant evening. Great crew, very friendly. Sunsets amazing.

John, UK, 14/2/2020

The destinations each day were amazing, the activities were excellent especially snorkelling. I have never experienced such wonderful staff on a cruise before. The food and quality of care from staff was superb.

Paul, QLD, 18/2/2020

Amazing family experience.

Jope,WA (Aust), 7/1/2020

Absolutely lovely view, excellent food.

April, Scotland, 14/11/2019

Vinaka for making us part of your family for the week, I take your wonderful smiles and joy of life home with me.

Janice, Canada, 4/2/2020
7NC Colonial

Loved the snorkelling and the sharks

Rachael, USA, 10/1/2020

The crew is truly amazing, very friendly and welcoming, Everyone always has a smile and is ready to help, loved that! Will miss the team, the food was excellent.

Ana, USA, 15/2/2020

Captain Cook Fiji Is a multi - award winner in the industry