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April 15, 2019

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From its glittering coral reefs and white sand beaches, to the mythical mountains and rainforests, Fiji offers some of the best photography opportunities in the South Pacific. For amateur photographers, there’s no better way to experience Fiji than through the lens of a camera. Whether you’re taking photos of Fiji’s glorious surrounds from a day cruise or from land, you’re bound to get some truly amazing shots.

With the help of our favourite Instagram photographers, we’ve put together a list of some of the best shooting tips and locations around Fiji. Read on to discover the natural beauty of the Fijian Islands, and find out how you can say “Bula” to the photography adventure of a lifetime.

1. Exploring Underwater Coral

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Fiji has a number of drawcards, and many of them involve amazing coral and incredible snorkelling and diving. Fiji is home to many islands such as Tivua and Yasawa that boast some of the most diverse marine life in the ocean, featuring more than 390 coral species.

For travel photographers, capturing the myriad of beauty that the sea offers involves getting up close with coral reefs and its inhabitants. Extra gear such as a waterproof camera and scuba gear goes a long way when exploring what lies beneath the waves. It’s also important to note that your flash should be on, especially if you plan to dive a little deeper as light can sometimes be an issue.

2. Arriving at Tivua Islands

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Tivua Island is an untouched slice of paradise that can only be accessed via a Tivua day cruise. Warm waters, coral gardens and soft white sandy beaches await – so be sure to enjoy snorkeling (right off the beach) amongst beautiful and colourful reefs.

To capture the beauty of this island paradise, seek out a focal point like this Instagrammer has done. Take your photo straight up the centre of the pier so that you can see the island oasis in the distance. The composition of this shot creates intrigue and makes the viewer feel like they’re stepping off the boat and onto the island themselves!

To make the most of your travel time, your skipper will be able to tell you the best vantage points for the surrounding scenery so you can be ready for any spontaneous shots enroute to the island.

3. Sipping Kava


This guest enjoyed experiencing everything the island of Tivua has to offer – including snorkelling, paddle boarding, good food, and even sipping kava. Capture the fun of the moment by having someone take a photo of you as you partake in a kava ceremony. Often, candid photos produce the best images and will stay in a person’s memories the longest. These are photos where the subject is caught off-guard or partaking in an activity make the picture more personal. It’s a beautiful memory to look back on once your holiday has come to an end.

4. Capturing the Fijian sky


There’s no better place on earth to marvel at a sunset than in Fiji. It has it all: the incredible surroundings, palm trees, white sand, clear waters, incredible nature… it really is the perfect location to enjoy a colourful sunset.

Photographers who are used to a world that rushes by in a flash can discover a different way of shooting. When shooting Fiji’s beaches, such as those on the Northern Islands from Naviti to Yasawa, be sure to pay attention to the colours of the sky like Bula Bride has.

Experiment with shooting at different times of day to capture magnificent pastel pinks, blues and purples, as the Northern islands are often blessed with amazing sunsets. The time before sunrise and after sunset – also known as ‘golden hour’ – is the perfect time to capture the colours of the Fijian sky. Spend a few days shooting in Fiji and you’ll be amazed at just how many people have a smile on their face. Don’t be surprised if you’re one of them!

5. Diving Amongst Wrecks


Once a 30 metre long government ship, the MV Raiyawa is one of Fiji’s newest wrecks, situated just a 15 minute boat ride away from Tivua Island. Described as hauntingly beautiful, the dive is a must if you’re an experienced scuba diver. Consider using a GoPro to capture magical underwater photos, then use a free photo editing app such as VSCO or Snapseed to enhance the colours of the coral and fish before uploading it on Instagram.

Take a look at our diving packages offered here if you don’t have the equipment to dive in and see the wreck.

6. Capturing the Fijian Culture


People say Fijians are the happiest people on earth, and honestly, it’s easy to see why – surrounded by such beauty every day would make us happy, too. It may also be due to their deep family connections and strong culture.

Just like this photo shows, Fijians are friendly, lively and welcoming people. They won’t mind having their picture taken – just ask! To capture the true beauty of the Fijian people during your trip on the Colonial Fiji Discovery Tour, take a series of burst shots if you’re photographing a group of children; this helps to capture movement. Also try your hand at taking portraits of Fijians during a traditional village dance or capturing the young Fijian warriors during their performance to share the beauty and life of the people.

7. Getting Swept up in Wedding Day Bliss


It’s easy to see why many people choose to have the island wedding of their dreams in this beautiful location. We love this photo – it simply exudes happiness!

Even for the amateur photographer, it’s not hard to take a great shot of the Fijian coast. But for a truly unique and creative shot, the local experts Cheer Wedding Photography recommend finding a point of interest that will draw the eye.

“It can be a shadow or a palm tree, waves crashing over rocks, a pair of sunglasses on sand… basically anything that entices the viewer.” Cheer Wedding Photography also recommends shooting early in the day to avoid crowds, or at sunset for that ‘golden hour’ glow.

Popular all year round, wedding photo shoots in Fiji combine beautiful locations with all the romance and serenity of a wedding. This image from Australian photographer Jack Henry perfectly captures the endless beauty of the Yasawa and Mamanuca Islands, set within the 80 kilometre stretch of beaches and bays between Nadi and Suva, otherwise known as the Coral Coast.

Jack had a few tips for us for taking beautiful wedding photos in Fiji…

“When I’ve been shooting destination weddings in Fiji, I sometimes find that the sun is too harsh during the day, so I’ll ask the bride and groom to pose for their photos at sunset, when the light is softer. Sunrise also makes for amazing beach photos.

Just remember to always bring a waterproof bag with you for your equipment, as the weather can be unexpected, and don’t forget to really take in your surroundings… remember to look up from the camera lense once in awhile and soak it all in!”

8. Taking in the Splendour of Bouma Waterfalls


The Tavoro Waterfalls (or Bouma Waterfalls) are a spectacular series of three waterfalls nestled within the Bouma National Heritage Park in Taveuni island, which can be visited on a seven night Discovery cruise.

The falls sit on the eastern side of Taveuni Island (also known as the Garden Island). You can actually reach the Lower Falls after just 10 minutes walking – which is perfect if you’re not much of a hiker! If you’re up for the adventure, the views from the top are worth the effort. For something unique, try capturing the movement of the waterfalls by using the Boomerang feature on Instagram or by recording a short video. If you have a professional camera, try your hand at a long exposure shot. When done perfectly you can achieve outstanding results!

9. Savouring the Best of Fiji's Food


This photo was taken at Tiko’s Floating Restaurant, one of the more popular places you go on the Mamanuca & Yasawa Island cruise. While this might simply be a photo of the ship, taking a photo of the food provided is the perfect image for your Instagram page. Try taking the picture from above looking down on your plate, and then use the filters and editing options to bring out the colour. This will have your picture looking good enough to eat!

10. Saying it all with a shot of Fiji from above


For a completely different perspective of Fiji, how about admiring it from above? This incredible image of Tivua shows the white sands of the island surrounded by the crystal blue waters and coral reefs. What an oasis!

Brett from @camerawentclick captured this image from above using a drone. Drones are the best way of taking epic aerial shots, and will certainly create an impact on your Instagram page – as well as give your followers a bit of holiday envy!

11. Exploring Sawa-i-Lau Caves

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You may have the opportunity to take a day trip while on your Northern Yasawa Island cruise to reach secluded and isolated islands where you can spend the day however you like. The Sawa-i-Lau Caves on the Yasawa Islands are a majestic limestone mass rising 1000 feet above sea level. The caves are a perfect opportunity for a romantic photo with your loved one.

Another wonderful way to capture the beauty of this cave is by creating reflections from the water. You can use your editing tools on Instagram to bring out the depth and colour of the pool to give your photo a 3D-effect.

12. Cherishing simple expressions of holiday happiness


This image captures the pure joy of spending your days cruising, stepping off onto stunning beaches, surrounding yourself with beautiful people and simply spending your days in the sunshine with nowhere else to be. Similar to this image, try taking a photo that displays your absolute joy on your Fiji cruise through the use of motion. This can be done like in the image above throwing your hat in the air, doing a shot with you jumping, or a short Boomerang with you waving at the camera.

13. Finding your own way off the beaten path


“Don’t follow the crowd. Get off the beaten path and go on an adventure!” That’s the advice professional photographers Kama Catch Me have for budding travel photographers looking to discover their photography passion in Fiji.

Always on the search for unique adventures and locations, their Instagram boasts beautiful pictures that reinvigorate the soul. These shots create a deeper connection to the Fijian landscape and give a real sense of belonging while still showing the joy and contentment of their subjects.

Exploring hidden nooks of the Fijian Islands, Kama Catch Me’s Instagram is an inspiration to travel and wedding photographers everywhere, such as this shot of the amazing horseshoe-shaped Totoya Island.

If you’re all about exploring the unknown, the Lau and Kadavu cruise with Captain Cook is an amazing opportunity for discovering areas rarely visited by the main tourist crowd. We all know that capturing a location well can reignite amazing experiences every time you look at the photo.

14. Slip into serenity with an overwater bungalow


Located in a quiet corner of the Fijian Isles, Likuliku Lagoon Resort combines luxury with simplicity in this pristine yet fragile ecosystem. Grab your camera and discover the opportunities that come with sustainable tourism.

The Captain Cook Cruises Fiji M.V Reef Endeavour passes this beautiful resort every Saturday, offering complimentary pickups for guests to come aboard and explore the neighbouring island. Capture the pristine lagoon waters, the teetering, greenscaped mountains and the myriad of birds and lizards that call this region home.

Our key tip for taking the perfect photo is to factor in the framing of an image. Notice how the image above is split into three key sections: the trees, the clear blue skies, and the beautiful pool. Each section commands your attention but doesn’t control your eyes. Take this into account when taking your photos as this can make or break the quality of an image.

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A great first stop for discovering just how beautiful Fiji is as a photography destination is the Bruised Passports blog. Cruising the Mamanuca Islands on Captain Cook’s four day cruise, they captured some truly stunning shots of their time at sea. From making the most of the gorgeous Fijian sunsets, to windswept beach portraits and panoramas spanning mountain and sea, they captured it all. Take a read to get an up close and personal look at an amazing itinerary for discovering Fiji.

Fiji is a wonderful and exciting destination, filled with pristine beaches, incredible reefs, warm and welcoming locals, lush green forests and so much more. All of this adds up to some pretty incredible photo opportunities – something that hasn’t been lost on our recent Captain Cook Cruises Fiji guests.

If all this has you wanting to book your next trip, head to our cruises page here to find the perfect route for you. And don’t forget to tag Captain Cook Cruises Fiji in your Instagram photos when you get there!

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