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Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Rubbish Clean Up


We are passionate about pioneering marine education, conservation and sustainability activities in Fiji.  Fundamentally, what we want to do is look after our oceans and environment and involve our passengers in that process.  Our aim is to make a difference.

Our journeys explore some of the most beautiful coral reef ecosystems in the Pacific. You will be exposed to fish life and an abundance of species as you journey through over 90 reefs and islands included in our 5 different itineraries.

Our team of Marine Biologists are integral to this journey as are the various scientists and organisations we collaborate with. Guided diving, snorkeling, glass bottom boat tours, plus onboard lectures and education, provide the perfect environment for immersion. You can get involved in Citizen Scientist activities as you cruise by recording fish and coral sightings on our dedicated Naturalist Captain Cook Cruises marine project.

The ‘buy a coral build a reef’ project for guests at Captain Cook’s private Tivua Island has seen a vast array of coral frags grow into more mature corals that are then replanted.  As a passenger on Day Cruise or one of the MS Caledonian Sky overnight cruises you will find this an amazing opportunity to personally participate in rejuvenation of reef systems and make a difference.

Founded in 2017 our Ocean Ambassador Program seeks to make a significant contribution towards maintaining Fiji as one of the most pristine environments in the world. Cumulatively there has been a lasting impact on the ecology of the areas visited, education and awareness in both the communities and amongst our passengers. With climate change and everything that goes with it, looking after our oceans is even more important than ever.  We are so happy to be able to take you on a journey that not only helps them learn more, but also contributes in many positive ways to the future.


Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is committed to providing world class experiential cruise products that are nature- based experiences with a focus on protecting the natural environment. Aiming for the best industry practice in all operational aspects, Captain Cook Cruises will monitor the impact on the natural environment surrounding our sea and land operations and seek continual improvement to minimise environmental impact. Captain Cook Cruises Fiji will work with employees, contractors, suppliers, customers and the community to achieve ecological sustainability. We are committed to preserving and maintaining the natural environment for our children and generations to come.

Click here to read article “Giving Back” in the March edition of the International Traveller Magazine.


*Promote a Zero-Spill culture within the organisation

*Maintain an effective Environmental Management System and allocate necessary resources to comply with the requirements of the

*Comply with and endeavour to exceed environmental legislation and

*Commit to best practice by identifying and eliminating environmentally unsafe practices from our workplaces.

*Advise and educate employees of our Environmental Policy and procedures and encourage valuable

*Commit to biodiversity protection by taking necessary and practical steps to reduce energy consumption and where possible prevent

*Actively encourage sustainable use of resources by applying reduce, reuse and recycle

*Monitor our environmental performance through effective records management and continually strive to

This policy statement applies to all Captain Cook Cruises workplaces and will be regularly reviewed in light of developments, including changes to legislation and our understanding of best practices.


The MS Caledonian Sky's dedicated Ocean Ambassador works with our Marine Biologist in raising awareness in the environment amongst passengers, crew and the communities in the areas we explore. Since it’s inception in 2017, with the help of many passengers aboard, a significant amount of rubbish has been collected, sorted, weighed and recycled. Much of the rubbish removed was plastic that can injure wildlife and also end up in the food chain. We are proud to report that we have seen a significant and cumulative improvement over the period. Well done team!

Click to read Ocean Ambassador report



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