10 Reasons Why Fiji Is the Ultimate Travel Destination for Families and Children

August 19, 2019
Families & Children

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Holidays are about fun, relaxation and quality family time. A holiday is good for the mind, body and spirit. So what better place to go for a trip than to Fiji? A location that has been voted the best place in the world for beach and family holidays by Australian readers of the International Traveller Magazine. Fiji is easy to get to and has plenty of locations with good weather for adventures.


Fiji’s family-friendly and safe atmosphere is the perfect destination for a family holiday. From the Fijian’s love for children and the many water and land-based activities on offer, a holiday to Fiji is one that you will never forget.

If you need more convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should visit Fiji with your family.

Kids clubs

Fiji is famous for having some of the best kids clubs in the world. The facilities are incredible, the staff on another level and the experiences will last a lifetime. Fijians also love kids, so rest assured, if your kids don’t feel like travelling around Fiji’s landmarks, but you do, the kids club staff will look after your babies.


Zipline Nadi offers a huge range of ziplining adventures for those keen for a bit of adrenaline-inducing fun. Once hooked up to the line, kids and adults can zipline through the tree top canopies, catching sight of the rainforests and Fiji’s vast flora and fauna. Choose from 16 giant ziplines high above the canyon and witness the beauty of Fiji from another angle. Ziplining is a truly unique experience and you can zipline during a 7-night cruise of the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands.

Mud pools

What better way to relax than in a mud pool! It’s a fantastic way to enjoy Fiji’s natural benefits. The geothermal hot springs, located just outside of Nadi, are covered in rich volcanic mud. Nadi’s mud pools are the perfect location to delight in the atmosphere while the mud pools work to pamper your skin.

Water activities

Fiji’s warm tropical days are the perfect pairing for all of the water activities the various towns offer. From motorised to non-motorised activities, there is something for little kids and the adults. Stand-up paddle boards, jet skis and diving gear can be found throughout Fiji. Choosing what activity you will embark on for the day is as simple as picking up some flippers or hopping on a jet ski.

Sand dunes

Located near the mouth of the Sigatoka River are Fiji’s sand dunes. Accessible via bus, the dunes are a sight to behold. Grey in colour, reaching around five kilometres long and up to one kilometres wide, there is endless fun to be had. The dunes are one of Fiji’s natural wonders and are rich in archaeological history. After a ride around the dunes, why not also embark on a walking tour through the designated trails?

River safari

Looking for something that combines adventure and history? Look no further than a river safari. Sigatoka River is the perfect place for a safari. Billed as a half-day eco and cultural adventure, you can board a custom-built safari jet boat and cruise through the Sigatoka River. The river safari will also take those on board to visit authentic Fijian villages where you can learn about their history, customs and village legends.


Fiji is a cluster of islands with sandy white beaches that are to be seen to be believed. Yasawa Islands offer a luxurious private beach. Liku Beach stuns and Monuriki Island (while famous for being the filming location for Cast Away) is a beautiful place to relax. With so many beaches to offer, where you and your family choose to have your beach day is completely up to you.

Head off road

With all the action on offer, sometimes it is nice to just take a relaxing drive. Terratrek is Fiji’s only self-guided tour that explores the jungle-clad mountains behind Pacific Harbour in off-road buggies. Have a drive around, take in the views and take a dip in the clean waters of the surrounding waterfalls. Relaxation at its finest.

Giving back

Visiting local schools and communities can be a great way to give back and make your Fijian escape an even more rewarding experience. By playing games with the school kids or making donations of your time to community projects, you are providing both yourself and the Fijian people with happiness.

Broadened horizons

A trip to Fiji will broaden everyone’s’ horizons. In a short trip, in amongst all the activities on offer, you’ll also get to learn Fijian customs in regards to clothes and lifestyle choices. While a trip away is always fun, a trip to Fiji is also an opportunity to show children a culture that is different from their own.


Fiji is the ideal location for a family holiday to remember. Mum and Dad can relax on the beach while the kids learn how to scuba dive. There is no shortage of activities for everyone in the family to enjoy while on holiday in picturesque Fiji. If you’re ready for the holiday of a lifetime, book a family cruise package around Fiji with Captain Cook Cruises today.

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