10 Reasons Why Fiji is the Ultimate Travel Experience for Families and Children

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Looking for a safe and family-friendly destination for your next vacation? Look no further than Fiji, which is renowned for great family holidays. If you want to go cruising, our family holiday cruise packages make it easy to bring your children along with you. And they’ll be spoilt for choice with so many things to see and do in Fiji.

Whether you’re staying for one week or two, here are 10 reasons why Fiji is an amazing travel experience for children. All these great experiences are available on the Captain Cook Discovery Cruises aboard the Reef Endeavour, where children aged 5-17 years are welcome!

1. They get to learn about Fijian customs and culture

Most Fijians dress modestly in public, with clothes covering their shoulders and knees. So when you visit the villages with your children, make sure to do the same. Your children will learn to accept, respect and understand the way other cultures dress.

Fijians have a relaxed lifestyle that combines traditional culture and a strong belief in family and community. For example, the bus may run late as the driver stops to talk to their friends or you could make stops to help a family in need. This will teach your children the importance of culture, family, and community.

What’s more, Fijians say “Dua Dua Dua” instead of knocking on a door and then wait for a reply. You should try this with your children. They may find that trying out something new can be quite fun. Also, don’t forget to remove your hat and shoes before you enter a bure or house and to leave through the door you entered.

Most importantly, it’s bad manners to touch a Fijian’s head, so don’t do this. And if you want to take photos in rural areas or on a remote island, always ask for permission beforehand.

As you can see, visiting Fiji will educate your children about Fijian customs and culture. This will allow them to experience, understand, and respect different cultures and traditions, as well as broaden their knowledge of them. In other words, it will teach them the ways of the world.

2. They also get to learn about the Fijian language

Fijians speak English, Bau Fijian, and Hindustani, with English being the official language. But during your stay here, your children will have the opportunity to learn the Fijian language. The Fijian alphabet has all the English letters except for ‘x’, but ‘h’ and ‘z’, which are only found in words borrowed from another culture.

When greeting others, Fijians say “bula” – it means ‘life’. So its meaning goes beyond the simple “hello” to incorporate spirit. This will teach your children to greet people in a spirited way.

Your children will also learn other common phrases, such as:

  • Vinaka (Thank you or good)
  • Ya dra vinaka (Good morning)
  • Sa vacava tiko (How are you)
  • Sega na leqa (No worries)
  • Kere kere (Please)
  • Ni sa moce (Formal goodbye)
  • Moce (Goodbye).

3. They can go on a family-friendly cruise

You and your children can take a cruise in Fiji for a stress-free family trip. Depending on the holiday package you choose, you don’t have to move your luggage from one place to another and your travel schedule is arranged for you.

Captain Cook Cruises is a great way to do loads of activities and see lots of different places easily. You’ll get to explore some of Fiji’s 300+ islands on a family-friendly ship. There are children’s facilities, which is perfect if you have a sleepy child and then two others who need to be occupied. A friendly nanny or carer can mind your sleepy child on board for you, while the rest of your children can play with other kids at the Captain’s Kids Club.

Activities that your children can partake in during your cruise include:

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba diving
  • Swimming in caves
  • Weaving hats
  • Egg throwing competition
  • Collecting shells and hermit crabs
  • Building sandcastles
  • Storytelling (Fijian legends)
  • Hunting for treasures
  • Playing beach soccer or rugby
  • Playing football at a school
  • Watching movies
  • Creating mocktails.

You can combine your cruise with a stay in a beautiful hotel or resort, and you can visit the schools and villages on the islands.

4. They get to breathe fresh air

You won’t find a lot of cars and manufacturing facilities in Fiji (particularly in the remote islands), so your children get the chance to breathe clean, unpolluted air. It’s also good for their health. So if you live in a city in your home country, head to Fiji for a breath of fresh air.

5. They can get closer to nature

The islands of Fiji are filled with natural wonders. Your children can play on the sandy beaches, swim in the waters, walk through the trees, and climb the mountains. They’ll also see a variety of plants, flowers, and animals. Fiji gives your children the opportunity to get up close and personal with nature.

6. They’ll become happier, healthier, and smarter

When your children get to see and experience nature in real life rather than just learning about it in textbooks or on the Internet, they’re more likely to become excited and to learn more effectively. The reason is they get to use their five senses. In fact, travelling with your children releases the feel good chemical oxytocin in them and advances their brain development.

Family activities like building sandcastles together, jumping over waves, toasting marshmallows on a campfire, and exploring a forest, beach, or village with your children will make them happy, as you’re giving them your full attention. Being in nature can also improve their attention and concentration levels and their ability to learn.

What’s more, walking together in a relaxed, natural environment like Fiji can calm your body, lower blood pressure, and reduce stress hormone levels and cholesterol levels. This will improve your children’s physical and mental health, as well as your own.

Fiji offers family activities and an environment that will make your children happier, healthier, and smarter.

7. They’ll learn that material possessions aren’t everything

Fiji exposes children to a place where material possessions such as toys and gadgets aren’t important. It’s all about spending more time with family, the community, and in nature. There are also a lot of activities your children can do and a lot of interesting places they can see in Fiji. This helps to make them more active and more interested in the outside world, and lets them form strong bonds with others.

8. They’ll also learn to be adaptable and patient

Staying at a bure in Fiji by the beach or up a mountain, or in a hotel or resort, can help your children get out of the daily structure and routine they’re used to back at home, making them more adaptable.

Also, children are naturally curious and can get irritated when trapped in their seats or in one place for a long time. Travelling to Fiji will teach them to wait until they’re allowed to explore and to simply enjoy the sights as you head to your destination.

9. They’ll become more social

Do your children only spend time with family and friends from school? If so, travelling to Fiji will enable your children to meet and interact with people from all walks of life and of different ages. As a result, they’ll become more social.

10. They get to spend more time with their parents

With Fiji’s family activities and family-friendly cruises, your children will get to spend more time with you, and you with them. This can help strengthen your bond with each other, so head to Fiji for some quality family time.

Ready to take your children on a family holiday to Fiji?

Travelling to Fiji with your children can be a fun and rewarding experience. It’ll also benefit your children in many ways and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is a multi-award winner in family holiday packages. We have day and evening cruise packages available, as well as packages with short, medium, and longer stays to suit every family. You can also create your own holiday package to make the trip more fun and enjoyable for you and your children. To find out more about our family-friendly cruises, contact us today.

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