The Top 8 Ultimate Activities for Adrenaline Junkies in Fiji

May 11, 2017

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If you’re looking for your next travel destination, Fiji is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world to travel to. Not only is it a stunning setting, but the local people are known to be some of the friendliest people on Earth. But, apart from taking in the sights, what else is there to do? There’s a lot to do in Fiji, and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’re in for a great surprise.

If you love the feeling that an exciting activity can bring and you’re not sure what is on offer, there are loads of activities in Fiji to bring out the adrenaline junkie in you and really get your heart racing.


Ziplines (or flying foxes as they’re sometimes called) are already quite an exciting adventure. But, when you combine that with the dense rainforest within the South Pacific’s largest zipline at Zip Fiji, you’ll be sure to get your heart racing. Starting off as a mode of transportation, they’re now a fun activity to see various landscapes in a different light. Spanning across a vast area, you will end up being airborne for nearly 2km. If you think you need to make sure the weather is clear before heading out, there is no need. Ziplining is available in all weather conditions, except for in the event there is lightning or extremely heavy rainfall. That’s a little too far!


The Fiji Shark Dive is a great way to get up close and personal with what many people feel is the scariest animal in the ocean. Although it might be frightening, it’s also an extremely different way to experience nature and feel the adrenaline pump through your veins as you swim alongside eight different species of shark. Best of all, the tour coordinators encourage sustainability and contribute to the survival of the sharks.


For a truly different way to see the Fiji islands, why not view them from the sky? Skydiving is always a thrill, no matter where it is done. But, at Skydive Fiji (which is the only skydiving operation in Fiji), you can be assured to have a truly breathtaking experience. They have helped a number of people face their fears, with the youngest person to dive being just seven years old, and the oldest at the ripe age of 92. Many people have enjoyed the thrill of skydiving, as well as the amazing view on the way down.


There is so much fun to be had when you’re 4×4 quad biking. In Fiji, there are plenty of different landscapes to take in with the Off-Road Cave Safari. From the sugarcane fields through to the rivers, mountains and traditional villages, quad biking can get you around the islands in a fast and exciting way. Quad biking is best done in dry conditions as it will be less muddy. But, if you’re not fussed about getting a little muddy, be sure to bring a change of clothes with you.


If you love diving, or you’ve never done it before, one of the best places to do it is in Fiji. Teeming with marine life that will blow you away, you will experience some of the greatest dive sites in the world, where the water is clear and turquoise in colour. Even in the middle of winter, diving temperatures will always be comfortable, as sea temperatures in Fiji average at 25 degrees celsius. Whether you’re certified, an occasional or a first-time diver, the dive operators are always experienced to help everyone to enjoy their dive.

Depending on your level of experience, there’s a wide range of aquatic life and coral gardens to explore. If you decide to try out diving whilst you’re on a cruise in Fiji, first-time divers can get used to the sport of diving in a freshwater swimming pool on board, before heading out into the coral reefs.


After you experience a huge adrenaline rush while in Fiji, it may be time to slow things down and relax. There are a number of various cruises you can choose from, that range from 3 to 11 night stays. One of the best reasons to choose a cruise is because you can choose to do as much or as little as you like. You can relax by the pool or take a dip in the spa, or you may want to relax in the sauna. However, if you want to pick up the pace, you can always hit the gym, take island tours or go diving. No matter what activities you enjoy, there are plenty of different ways to enjoy a cruise.


Fiji is certainly a beautiful place to visit. There are plenty of landscapes, sights to see and people to meet. But, there’s still always a heart-racing activity to take part in during your stay. Whether you want to spend your holiday on the go the whole time with the adrenaline kicking in, or you’d like to sit back and relax on a cruise ship, there’s no doubt that a holiday in Fiji will surely be one to remember.

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