The Best Snorkelling Fiji Has To Offer

July 13, 2022

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Discover Excellent Snorkelling In Fiji

Are you planning to visit Fiji? This is an excellent decision since there are many things to do and see in Fiji. It is one country with many attractive sites where you can engage in mind-blowing activities. One of the activities you can enjoy in the country is snorkelling.

By dipping your head under the water, you will see an entirely new world full of spectacular coral and incredible marine life. Fiji is famous as the soft coral capital of the world, where coral grows from Fiji's depth close to the surface. This makes it easy for you to have great enjoyment as you snorkel.

There are many beach resorts and islands in Fiji, such as Yasawa Island, Kadavu Island, and Manta Ray Island, among others, where you can enjoy snorkelling. This article offers you the best snorkelling Fiji has to offer.

Tips And Facts About Snorkelling In Fiji

Before looking at some of the best snorkelling Fiji offers, let's look at some of the facts and tips you need to know.

  • Most island resorts in Fiji provide free snorkelling gear, but the quality of the equipment is different. So, you have the option to bring yours or get them from your selected resort.
  • Water temperatures in Fiji are usually warm, about 27°C (80°F), but it's advisable to wear a rash vest for protection from the sun.
  • You can snorkel any time of the year, but June to September is the best time since the visibility is very clear.
  • You need to invest in snorkelling fins, but it is also advisable to have reef shoes to help you walk in and outside the water.
  • You should watch frisky ocean animals such as sea urchins, moray eels, stingrays, butterfish, and banded sea kraits.
  • If you are not an experienced swimmer, ensure you have a floatation device.
  • Get back to the shore before you get tired.
  • Keep watch of the wind since strong offshore can push you out of the sea.
  • Be keen on the tide to ensure you are safe.

Top Snorkelling Spots In Fiji

Beqa Lagoon

Beqa Lagoon is one of the best places for snorkelling in Fiji, lined by 190 miles (305km) of coral. It is the largest barrier reef and is famous as one of the best shark diving and scuba diving sites. However, snorkelling has also become one of the major activities that you can perform here. The lagoon is located off Vita Levu and close to the international airport.

It is over a hundred square miles (269 square kilometres) and is surrounded by a protective barrier that allows for clear and calm waters. The lagoon has underwater typography unique to the area with its bommies and pinnacles around all the turns.

The Great Astrolabe Reef

This large coral reef offers several exploration options, more than any other coral reef in the country. The colourful and diverse coral reef is situated around Kadavu Island, an underdeveloped and large island, making it a relaxing and quiet spot. Besides the marine life and corals, Astrolabe gives you a chance to view the deep ocean drops off, making it an excellent place for scuba diving.

The reef gets its name from the French ship "The Astrolabe" after it was grounded on the reef. So, you will also be able to see the shipwrecks. As you snorkel, you have several exploration options, such as the underwater coral gardens and the shallow pinnacles. You can start the adventure at any spot, but it is always good to ask for advice from the experts.

Namena Marine Reserve

Namenalala is a small island between the two largest islands in the country. The Namena Marine reserve creates a horseshoe surrounding the island, making it a great site in Fiji to watch incredible biodiversity. This is home to over four hundred corals and more than a thousand fish species.

The marine reserve showcases more marine life than any other site can match. Here you can view barracuda and the blue ribbon eel as you move through the water. During the migratory season, the Namena marine reserve hosts whales and dolphins.

The reserve has unexplored wonders around all its corners because of its easy access to a growing and diverse reef. As you swim, you will marvel at the waving corals with many colourful small reef fish painted with unmatched shades of tangerine and neon fuchsia. Here you will see schooling big-eyed trevally and reef sharks.

Navini Island

This island is a perfect destination for you if you are a beginner snorkeler. A reef sanctuary surrounds the island off the shore. It features low currents; thus, you can watch marine life, including turtles, anemone fish, and large bluefins and grouper.

As you snorkel, you must begin from the water edge and move around the island or to the reef drop-off. You will see more coral with fans when you are in the deeper waters. Navini Island offers an intimate and relaxing experience bringing the ocean to your front door.

Rainbow Reef

The Rainbow Reef lies in the Somosomo Strait. It is one of the most popular snorkelling destinations Fiji has to offer. The currents bring in a lot of nutrients making the rainbow reef display the best display of the soft coral population in the country.

Here you can view abundant wildlife, including leopard sharks, anthias, triggerfish, and many others. As you explore the reef, you will see The Great White Wall, a straight wall that gets its colour from the soft white colours covering its surface. The wall is one hundred and fifty (45m) deep and two hundred feet (61m) across. Besides offering a great snorkeling destination, there are also a lot of attractions here.

Natadola Bay

Natadola Bay is easily accessible on the Viti Levu. This is a great spot where you can have a fantastic snorkelling session. Located an hour from Nadi's international airport, you can easily access the location. As you snorkel, you will see large beautiful parrot fish, striped sergeant fish, and many others.

Under the waves, you will be thrilled at how easy it is to swim off the beach and enjoy the magic of the healthy reef. To get the best experience, you need to snorkel when there is a mid-high tide. Here you experience a gentle current. Even with strong currents, you will always get a protected corner where you can play and snorkel alone or as a group.

Drawaqa Island

Drawaqa Island, also known as Manta Ray Island in today's modern era, is an excellent place for you to snorkel. It's a great place since you will see several sights such as the winged animals. You need to get into the water after spotting the manta rays at the surface. The passage here is usually 350 m wide. It's good to note that you are not allowed to swim the passage due to the strong currents.

As you snorkel, you will be watching stony corals that are oxygenated by the current. You also see damsels, blue tangs, and surgeon fish. The depth of the water doesn't go beyond ten (3m) to thirteen feet (4m) except at the center of the 350 m channel, where the depth goes up to twenty (6m) to twenty-five feet (7m).

Bligh Passage

This is another excellent snorkelling site in Fiji located northeast of Viti Levu. The passage runs from Rakiraki and the nearby resort Island of Nananu-i-Ra, where you will enjoy an outstanding balance of scenic seascapes, massive marine life, and reef structures here. You access spots such as breath takers and dream makers when you get under the waves. You will be able to swim on the thick shoals of brightly coloured fish and the dense concentration of corals.

Vatu-i-Ra Channel

Vatu-i-Ra channel, located on the edge of Bligh Water, is another excellent spot for snorkeling in Fiji. You can easily access the channel using liveaboard dive boats. At the center of the tunnel, you will find the superb dive site E6, rated as one of the best in Fiji. Here you will see hammerhead sharks.

Swimming through the seamount known as the Cathedral gives you a magnificent atmosphere. There is also the Nigali passage, a narrow channel off the Gau Island where you can find several grey sharks, snappers, schooling trevallies, and barracuda. Here you will get a magical atmosphere of snorkeling as you see animals.

Malolo Barrier Reef

The Mamanuca Islands offer a great place if you want to combine snorkelling and south pacific beach lazing. You can reach the island fast by boat provided by one of the many resorts in the Pacific Harbour. If you are new to snorkelling, this is one of the best places to begin. Malolo Pacific Barrier Reef has various dive sites, such as Gotham City, with large coral heads featuring moray eels.

Waitabu Marine Park

Waitabu Marine Park is one of the protected marine reserves in Fiji, located off the Taveuni Coral Coast. Even the local people who live near it have opted to preserve it. This has led to a thriving fish and coral population, which you will experience during a snorkel tour. You will come across different types of fish when snorkelling, including sharks. You can combine your snorkelling experience with a cultural tour of the traditional bilibili raft.

Split Rock

This is another great snorkelling spot where you can have a great time exploring Fiji. You don't have to take boat transport to get to this place. Located on the coast of Savusavu on Vanua Levu, you can snorkel in Savusavu Bay, where you find a large rock rich in coral and colourful fish. Here you will come across damsels, parrotfish, clownfish, clams, sergeant fish, and others.

Have The Best Snorkelling Experience In Fiji

To have a great experience snorkelling in Fiji, you need to work with the best cruise company or travel agency. With great company, you will have the best time as you move to scuba dive and have a great time enjoying life under the sea. You may end up having an experience you will never forget about Fiji snorkelling.

The best cruise companies also have great qualifications and friendly crews, so you have a positive experience during the time you spend in Fiji. They will guide and ensure that you are also safe when snorkeling or doing any other activity.

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