Holiday Reading: 11 Fiji-Based Books to Suit Every Genre

March 20, 2019

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With its 333 tropical islands, 500 hundred picturesque islets, beautiful climate and friendly people, Fiji has been the inspiration for a multitude of must-read books. Literary greats have loved the island country and include names such as Mark Twain, Rudyard Kipling and Jack London.

The beauty of a great book is that it can take you away to a special place at any time of day, from anywhere around the world. But reading a book about a place while you’re actually there? You can’t beat it.

The list of books in which Fiji sets the backdrop is huge, meaning no matter what style of books you like to read on holiday, you’ll find something to throw yourself into. Here’s a list of some of our favourites.


Lonely Planet’s Fiji Travel Guide

It would be remiss not to include some travelogues among the list, and as far as in-depth travel information, you can’t go past the Lonely Planet guides. Fiji’s Travel Guide was last updated in 2012 and offers great insight into what to do, what to see, where to eat and where to stay when visiting the archipelago. The guide suits, young, old, families, couples, nature lovers and adventurists, and not only offers comprehensive information, but some stunning imagery as well.


If you’re looking for a diving adventure, the Lonely Planet Diving and Snorkeling Guide will have you exploring the tropical underwater paradise in no time. The includes 16-easy to read maps, as well as information on commonly found marine animals and diving conditions. You can learn about dive sites both underwater and on land, with information on Fijian culture and customs covered too.


The South Seas Dream by John Dyson

In The South Seas Dream, a tour of the islands of the South Pacific reveals the sociology, economics, politics, and native cultures of the Fiji Islands. It also takes a look at the various Western romantic conceptions of the islands and the changes caused by colonisation.


With over 750 stunning photographs, this comprehensive guide, written by underwater explore Achim Nimmerfroh, captures the natural environment like never before. It’s also a great resource for those wanting to know about the coral reef and its underwater life.


Yesterday’s Child: Once Upon an Island in the Fijis by Wesley Hall

Written in 2001, the story of Yesterday’s Childfollows an adventurous romance set at the end of WWII, and centres on fictional character Jason Rhodes who is marooned on an island with his fantasy love, Stephanie. It’s a compelling story with colourful characters that starts and ends in beautiful Fiji.

The Blue Lagoon by Henry De Vere Stacpoole

First published in 1908, The Blue Lagoonis a romance novel set on a remote Fijian island. Dicky and Emmeline are two young children, having been stranded by a beautiful blue lagoon. Over time, they grow up and fall in love and by 15 years old, Emmeline is a mother. Can they live in family bliss forever? This book was the inspiration for the movie The Blue Lagoon, starring Brooke Shields, which was filmed at Sawa-i-lau and Matacawalevu (you can visit these two locations on our 4 night Yasawa cruise!).

Fiji: A Novel by Lance Morcan

When Susannah Drake, a missionary, travels to Fiji to spread God’s word, she is outraged to discover Nathan Johnson, a trader come to introduce weapons to the very people she’s trying to protect. She despises him, yet there’s an undeniable chemistry and when they are forced to fend themselves against cannibalism, their relationship deepens. Fiji is a spellbinding novel full of adventure, cultural misunderstandings, religious conflict and sexual tension.


A History of the Pacific Islands by I.C. Campbell

Dr Ian Campbell’s informed and balanced perspective shines light on the development of the rich and varying cultures over the last 200 years. This book offers a great look into the European influence in Fiji.


On Fiji Islandtraces the colonisation of the Fiji islands and explains how the Fijians have managed to stay true to their language and culture. It gives great insight into the country’s people and as well as delving into history, describes modern Fiji society in detail.


Getting Stoned with the Savages by J. Maarten Troost

In a side-splitting account of discovery in Fiji, funny man J. Maarten Troost tells the hilarious tale of becoming a firsttime parent, getting to know the natives and embracing the ‘unusual’ cultural experience.

Fulton’s Footprints in Fiji by Geoff Raymond

Fulton’s Footprints is a beautifully humanistic retelling of a family who move from Australia to Fiji in the mid 80s to run a resort abandoned by its previous owners. Funny and endearing, it’s a tale of sticking together and finding humour in struggle.


What better way to read about Fiji than to do so while visiting the amazing archipelago! Filled with lush wildlife unique to the area that cannot simply be described on a page. Check out our wide range of small ship cruises and start your journey to Fiji now!

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