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Cruising Etiquette: Dinner Do’s and Don’ts

admin March 20, 2019

Taking a cruise is the perfect way to unwind and recharge your batteries. And while cruises are the ideal escape for many, it also pays to be aware of some important cruising etiquette when it comes to dining onboard your cruise liner. Here we’ve outlined some of the most important do’s and don’ts of cruise dining.

Be prompt at the buffet

Before getting in line for the buffet at any time of day during your cruise holiday, take a quick look first at what’s on offer. You don’t want to be asking the chef about every single dish while a line of people is slowly forming behind you.

TIP: If you have allergies to certain food and you haven’t made arrangements prior to boarding, talk to a staff member who will be able to help you liaise with the chef, as they will be more than happy to meet your dietary requirements.

Choosing the right table

If you are dining solo and are at a table that could fit 6 people, offer to share if the dining area is crowded. In addition, if you do eat solo, find a table for two so that others can take the larger ones. If you are a large group and cannot find a table, do not walk around aimlessly searching for a table. Simply ask one of the waiting staff who knows the seating arrangement of the restaurant and potential tables that can fit you.

If you are feeling queasy, eat in your room

If you are feeling ill whilst getting your meal, it’s best to go back to your room to eat. The side of the ship is not the place you want to lose your lunch.

TIP: If you are prone to motion sickness, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor before your trip and get a prescription, or there are even some useful over the counter medicines you can buy too. It’s always a good idea to be prepared for these things.

Follow the dress codes as outlined by the cruise ship

In the formal dining areas, you will be required to dress appropriately. Make sure that before you leave for your holiday you look up the appropriate dress code for the formal dining area. This will usually be no jeans or thongs, but each cruise ship is different. It’s important to know what’s acceptable attire and what’s not, as you may not gain access to certain areas if you aren’t dressed appropriately.

TIP: Plan ahead what you are going to wear on the nights that require formal dress so that you are packed and ready to go.

Join in the fun

If you attend a show, it’s no good being the only one at your table sitting there while everyone else is standing up and participating. Let your hair down, and remember, you’re there to have fun!

Respect others around you

While it’s important to have as much fun as possible during your cruise, this should not come at the expense of the other guests on the ship. Always keep in mind your surroundings and respect other cultures and traditions. While it might be fun being rowdy and rambunctious, the noise might ruin the mood for others.

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