Celebrating Christmas With Your Family on a Fiji Cruise

March 20, 2019
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If you’re eyeing up the possibility of a relaxing Fijian cruise this Christmas holiday season, you’ll want to know what to choose from the thousands of locations, sights, sounds, tastes and experiences available to you.

Christmas is a communal and social event in Fiji. It’s a time for family, like everywhere else in the world, but there’s also a community spirit that fills the air, and numerous social activities taking place in every town that celebrates it. Let’s take a look at how a cruise in Fiji this Christmas could be the perfect option for celebrating stress-free with your family.


Fijians absolutely love to celebrate Christmas, so why not join in on the fun as well? A number of locations throughout the islands partake in massive feasts in which many of the locals come together and celebrate the start of the new year. On Christmas day, if you arrive early, you might be able to hear the singing of children as they recite classic carols by churches or around the streets.

When you sail with us during Christmas, you’ll be experiencing Fiji as it is at no other time of the year. Whether indo-Fijian, native Fijian, immigrant, tourist, or anybody else, the country comes together to celebrate the holiday season with huge communal gatherings, parties, feasts, and festivities.

If you’re interested in spending the day in celebration with those closest and dearest to you, and you’re already going on a land journey through Fiji to experience the delights of a Fijian Christmas, you might consider taking time from your busy sightseeing schedule to relax in style on one of our Day Cruises.

We offer numerous packages, from a day-long trip to our private island of Tivua, amidst pristine-white sand and coral gardens stretching further than the eye can see, to our dinner cruise for a Christmas Dinner to remember.

Whether you’re interested in a Lazy Lunch before turning in early, or want to spend it partying and having a great time with your family or friends, we’ve got accommodation for you.


Our Day Cruises offer a fantastic getaway for anybody looking to expand their Fijian holiday, but there’s another option; join us on one of our 3, 4, 7, or even 11-night cruise journeys around the towns, islands, and natural beauty of Fiji.

By coming aboard one of our Yasawa or Manamuca Island cruises, you’ll be cruising around some of the most iconic scenery Fiji has to offer. You’ll be able to experience a traditional Sevusevu (gift-giving ceremony), visit towns undertaking their own Christmas celebrations, and spend the rest of the time lounging around and relaxing on our fully catered MV Reef Endeavour cruise ship. The Yasawa’s represents some absolutely picturesque views – the untapped beauty of the land was awe-inspiring enough for part of the region to serve as the beautiful tropical island featured in Castaway – and you’ll be able to explore both the islands and waters to your heart’s content.

Our Yasawa cruises sail all through the year, even on Christmas Day, where in 2017 we’ll be on the Southern Island portion of our trip.

This means that in the period of time before and after Christmas you’ll be feasting on the open seas on Saturday, cruising to Monoriki to hear the village choir sing their Christmas celebrations on the Sunday, and finish up by sailing through the sacred Waya Islands, where legends tell of the great war canoe ‘Rogoboka’ containing the first Fijians landing.


Every country that celebrates Christmas has their own take on Christmas Dinner, but all of them can agree that December 25th is time to really pull out the stops and put on a lavish feast for the whole family.

Germany chows down on roast goose and carp, the U.K and America roast Turkey, Australia has a summer barbeque, and Japan orders KFC.

In Fiji, the traditional celebratory meal consists of a mixture of meats and sides called the Lovo. A Lovo feast is a gigantic meal prepared in an earth oven or hot stone, and can consist of garlic and spice-filled chicken, sauced mutton, Palusami (mutton mixed with spices and wrapped in Dalo leaves, then cooked in coconut cream) fish, pork, beef, Casava, Dalo and a load of other tasty treats.

All of the food is wrapped in foil and piled into a hot pit of scorching rocks, covered with leaves, soil, or other coverings, and left to steam in the makeshift earth oven for 3-4 hours.

A Lovo feast is always extremely satisfying and absolutely delicious!


The bustle and clutter of Christmas preparation can be a chore, and while spending time at home with your family can be a cozy, rich environment in its own right, there’s adventure (or relaxation, if that’s more your style!) to be had in the waves of Fiji.

Spend your Christmas amidst towering, ancient volcanic peaks, beautiful inland rivers, island vegetation, tropical climate and culture, and all the wondrous sights Fiji has to offer by booking one of our day or accommodated-night cruises.

You can find a total listing of our cruise availability and bookings here, as well as a short guide to where each of our short cruises will be here.

If you’d like to spend Christmas in style, contact us online or on phone. For Australia, that’s 1300 TO FIJI 1800 957 385).

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