25 Essentials to Pack When Holidaying in Fiji

March 20, 2019

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A holiday in Fiji means different things to different people. Whether it’s diving, cocktails, or long walks on the beach, there’s one thing standing between you and a holiday in paradise – packing.

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No one likes to pack, no matter how many times you’ve travelled. Even the most well-rehearsed jetsetter has trouble choosing what to include. Thankfully, cruise ships don’t have any restrictions like “overhead baggage only”, which makes it somewhat easier. Still, you will need to do some planning to ensure you pack correctly for your holiday.

Any wise traveller will tell you that lists are important. Why? Because they stop you from getting distracted by imaginary palm fronds, shimmering waters and picturesque sunsets. Losing track of what you’ve packed, what you still need to fit in and that you have all of the essentials is easy to do when you don’t have a list to follow.

But what should you put on that list?


Dress in Fiji is usually casual, and because of the warm climate you’ll generally be comfortable in bathers, singlet/t-shirt and shorts during the day. Unless you’re planning on heading into the mountains, you can be certain it will stay warm during the day, but bear in mind that the ocean can give off a bit of a chill in the evening during winter.

As a guide, you can expect to enjoy temperatures of between 18 and 25°C in the evening and 24 to 31°C during the day.

Conservative dress is appropriate if you plan on visiting a Fijian village, as scantily-clad clothing is frowned upon. If you do plan on visiting a village, a popular idea is to take with you some books, toys or pens for the children.


1. Passport & visa:

You won’t be going anywhere without your passport or visa, so make sure these are the first things you pack. It’s also recommended that you take photocopies of these travel documents and keep them in a separate bag to the originals in case something happens to one of your bags.

2. High SPF sunscreen:

This one’s a must. The sun can be brutal in Fiji, and if you plan on doing lots of swimming you’ll need to reapply every couple of hours. When possible, try to buy sunscreen that is safe for the reefs of Fiji ie. environmentally friendly products.

3. Insect repellant

Some resorts do supply insect repellant, but it’s still best to take your own. Mosquitos can be harsh at certain times of the year, and a tropical strength repellent is required.
Tip: Look for one that doesn’t contain Deet, as when mixed with sunscreen it can be toxic.

4. Camera

With so many incredible sights to see in Fiji, you’d be crazy not to take a camera. Don’t just rely on your phone to take shots, and instead look for a camera with a good quality zoom to make the most of the spectacular scenery. If you’ve got one, also pack an underwater camera or consider purchasing a disposable underwater camera. And don’t forget a spare memory card!

5. Bathers

The waters in Fiji are magical, plus there’s plenty of swimming pools to enjoy. Your bathers should be one of the most important thing on this list, and ideally you want more than one pair.

6. Booking paperwork

To avoid any unforeseen dramas, always carry the paperwork of your booking in your carry-on luggage.

7. Mask and snorkel

If you plan on doing lots of snorkeling, you might consider packing your own mask. While most resorts have them, they can be scratched or stretched due to frequent use. You might also consider packing some anti-fog gel to ensure you see everything when you’re out on the reef.

8. Laptop and charger

The last thing you want to be doing on holiday is working, but a laptop can still come in handy for downloading photographs, looking up local sights, and checking in with home.

9. Reef shoes

While the reefs make for spectacular viewing of fish, they’re not to kind on the bottoms of your feet. Reef shoes are a great way to protect your soles from the rough coral.

10. Band-Aids

Coral cuts can take quite a while to heal, so pack some waterproof Band-Aids just in case. You might also want to pack some alcohol wipes.

11. Medicines

If you take any prescription medicines, be sure you have ample supply. It’s also a good idea to pack aspirin and any other medicines you might need, such as immodium for an upset stomach or electrolytes to help with dehydration.

12. Casual clothing

Lightweight, loose clothing is what you’ll be living in most of the time. Look for cottons which will keep you cool and comfortable.

13. Modest clothing

The Fijians require everyone’s shoulders and knees to be covered when visiting a village, so please be respectful of this and pack appropriate clothing. A Sulu or Sarong is a great addition to your luggage as a quick cover-up.

14. Underwear and sleepwear

Bamboo or cotton underwear will keep you nice and cool, and sleepwear should be loose and light.

15. Thongs and sandals

Thongs are great for slipping on quickly, but sandals are preferable if you’re heading out for the whole day. They’re still cool but much safer on uneven ground or when going in and out of the water.

16. Sarong

A sarong is great for slinging on over your bathers come lunch time to save having to change every few hours.

17. Evening wear

The beauty of cruising in Fiji is that there is plenty of nightly entertainment, so be sure to pack a few different evening outfits. The aim is for smart casual wear, so be sure not to rock up in your swimsuit.

18. Beach Tote

A beach tote bag is great for day trips or for carrying books, towels, and sunscreen to the pool.

19. Walking shoes

Fiji offers some beautiful rainforests in which to explore, so if you plan on going for a hike, make sure you have comfortable walking shoes. You should also choose footwear with supportive soles if you plan on doing a lot of walking.

20. Small gifts

Gifting the locals and kids with presents is highly appreciated in Fiji, and ideal gifts include books, pens, guitar strings and toys.

21. Books or a kindle

Fiji is the home of relaxation, so be sure to pack something to read when chilling out by the water’s edge.

22. Rain jacket

If you’re travelling to Fiji in the wet season (Nov-April), you might consider packing a lightweight rain jacket or umbrella.

23. Sunglasses and a hat

Unless you plan on squinting all holidays, these are a must. Polarised sunglasses will provide your eyes with the most protection from the sun, and a hat will protect your face from the sun.

24. Toiletries

This includes toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoos, razors, feminine hygiene products etc.

25. Chargers

Make sure any electronics you pack have a charger packed too, and it’s a good idea to pack a multi-national power converter in case the plug sockets are not compatible with your devices. Keep in mind that Fiji has the same plug and power supply as Australia.


While this checklist might seem to have a comprehensive overview, there may still be a couple of items which might be needed in your situation. For example, photographers might also need extra equipment to take the perfect photos. If you feel like you have all the things you need for a trip to Fiji, be sure to check out our small cruises and start planning for your holiday adventure today.

Happy packing – and, more importantly, happy holidaying!

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