Why a Trip to Fiji Is the Perfect Corporate Team Bonding Experience

February 23, 2017

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When you hear the term ‘team building’, you’d be forgiven if you expressed a little eye roll. Think of team building and your thoughts may turn to cringing episodes of ‘The Office’, or at the very least lame exercises like the trust fall. But what if team building wasn’t lame? What if careful thought went into planning team building, and it actually became the best investment you could make in your staff?

Team building, when done right, builds trust, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Effective team building secures highly engaged, confident and competent employees, loyal attitudes, and greater morale and respect. These qualities are hugely beneficial to company culture and boosting the bottom line.


The most successful, memorable team building events are the ones that don’t feel like another day at the office. They’re ones that don’t overtly aim to draw in leadership and practical takeaways, and instead focus on a shared experience or working towards a common goal.

It turns out that happiness and learning are tied very closely to each other. If you choose an activity based on happiness, the learning will naturally come.

Choosing something unique and slightly out of ‘the norm’ will encourage your staff to come together in new ways. It’s not a splurge – it’s an investment. Aim for laughter and a sense of excitement, throw in a dash of accomplishment, and without a doubt, your team building exercise will boost your business by making your staff feel appreciated. And as you know, appreciated staff always go the extra mile.


Your team works hard, and because of that, they deserve to be treated with something special from time to time. At Captain Cook Cruises, we can help you put together a tailored package to offer an experience that’s not only special, but completely unlike anything your team has done before.

At Captain Cook Cruises, we’ve come up with a fantastic range of corporate team building exercises and experiences that will captivate your team and make them feel appreciated. We’ll work closely with you so that our program reflects the needs of your business and to ensure that every participant leaves feeling inspired, rejuvenated and motivated.

Whether you’re looking for action or adventure, relaxation or reward, we can create a cruise to suit. Our fleet of four ships in varying sizes and types are equipped with everything you need for a fun time, plus we even have our own private island for you to enjoy!

Choose between our 130 passenger accommodated ship, Reef Endeavour, two tall ships or a sailing catamaran, all of which can be chartered for your special team building event. If your group is at least 80 people, we can offer Tivua Island for your exclusive use, a coral atoll surrounded by 500 acres of coral reef.


You might be thinking that this all sounds expensive, but you’ll be surprised how affordable our adventures can be. Besides, can you really put a price on something that’s guaranteed to boost the growth of your business?

When cruising around Fiji you can choose from traditional Fijian culture experiences to remote island visits. You can learn how to make a Fijian BBQ during a lovo feast, explore an amazing underwater world when snorkelling or diving, or relax with sunrise yoga and morning meditation on the beach. Try shipwrecking your guests on a deserted island while setting a teamwork challenge (think ‘survivor-style’), play rugby against a local village, or enjoy a round of coconut shot-put, beach volleyball or mini beach Olympics.

You name it, you can do it here in Fiji.


While Fiji is an experience in itself, to make the most of your team building exercise you will want to use the incredible setting to explore a variety of games and challenges. Not only educational and enjoyable, games and challenges help a team learn more about one another – how a person thinks, works, solves problems, and has fun.

Scavenger hunt

The rules of a scavenger hunt are to break into teams of two or more and give each team a list of things to find or goofy tasks to complete. The objective is to break up office cliques by encouraging people to work with colleagues from other teams, departments or social circles.

Mine field

The rules of the minefield game are to place a range of objects sporadically across the beach. Have everyone pair up, and make one person from each pair put on a blindfold. The other must then lead the ‘blind’ person to the other side of the beach without allowing them to step on a mine – using only verbal instructions. The blindfolded person cannot speak at all. The objective is to focus on trust, communication and effective listening.

Build a raft

The rules of the build a raft game are to do just that – build a raft! One of the highest energy activities you can do, it will ignite your team’s competitiveness and collaborative fire as they work together to build and race their very own makeshift rafts. The objective is to use ingenuity, creativity and problem-solving skills, but you can also foster exceptional spirit and enthusiasm by offering additional points for performing sea chanteys, creating a colourful flag, or simply being good, energetic team workers.


Team building events are designed to take people away from the office and put them in an unfamiliar place. It is in this place that, dressed informally, participants behave differently. In Fiji, positions in the office are often forgotten, and the true self thus appears.

The psychology behind team building events is quite simple, and you will likely see tangible improvement in workplace productivity. Your Fiji experience encourages employees to take pride in being part of a group of individuals, all with similar goals. By forging friendships and by learning the art of good problem solving skills within a group, you will have effectively engaged greater communication within your team.

The ethos of team building activities relates to the idea of a group of ‘whole’ competitors learning to increase output and work together in a more harmonious environment. Once your employees see the value in effective communication and tapping into the strengths of their coworkers, their confidence increases and they feel greater loyalty to their employer.

Your Fiji experience serves to not only bond organisation members horizontally (between subordinates), it will also improve the vertical (managers and subordinates) bond. This interaction can be hugely powerful for your company and, like we said earlier, can prove to be one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

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