What To Do In And Around Port Denarau

July 14, 2022

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Planning Your Island Adventure

Port Denarau, which is located beside the pacific harbour, is the vibrant centre of Fiji. The Bula bus will take you there quickly, giving you plenty of time to browse the local stores or treat yourself to a luxurious spa treatment. There are plenty of things to do.

Discover museums, stores, or the next delectable meal by exploring the downtown area. Or perhaps you'd like to sit in one of the town's many cafés and read the newspaper while drinking hot coffee. Attend a performance at the theatre or simply stroll down the main street while people-watching.

A wide variety of eateries also serve delectable fare, including sushi, fantastic burgers, curries, and mouth-watering seafood platters. To catch the weekly cultural show, we suggest remaining until sunset. Alternately, a live music band and a romantic meal al Fresco are a great way to round off the day.

The primary ship departure point is Port Denarau. Water taxis, jet boat transfers, island day excursions, multi-day island hopping cruises, and brigantines provide sunset dinner cruises which all leave from this south sea harbour. Read on to uncover more about some of the most fascinating activities and sights to watch out for when touring Port Denarau.

What You Can Do In And Around Port Denarau

Scheduling a day excursion to the islands

A day excursion to the magnificent Mamanuca island or Yasawa islands might bring colour to your day. There are several day trip alternatives from Port Denarau to these idyllic islands, where white sand beaches, crystal blue water, and fantastic snorkelling await. You can also enjoy a well-crafted cocktail at Malamala Beach Club or when snorkelling off secluded island beaches.

Visit the Big Bula Waterpark

In the centre of the Denarau islands, this vibrant waterpark is challenging to miss. There is no better option to keep your family happy and fight the heat of the day than with slides of different sizes that will raise your adrenaline levels.

Enjoy the enormous water slides, climb the rubber palm trees, or outperform your friends on the obstacle courses. Your little ones can also swim about in the fenced section that is specifically for them for safety.

Watch a cultural performance

Without experiencing some of the local cultures, no vacation to Fiji is ever truly complete. Most establishments on Denarau hold a Fijian cultural night that typically consists of a feast and dancing.

If the timing is more convenient, inquire about when your resort has one or attend it at another Denarau resort. Additionally, Port Denarau hosts a free, hour-long ethnic dance festival with performances by Fijian, Polynesian, and fire dancers. Except on Sundays, the nightly broadcast begins at 6.30 p.m. every other day.

Rent a car and tour the towns

Take a rental car and drive yourself around. Discover the smaller border towns and cities, and learn about their histories. The pace and bustle of contemporary life might sweep you away as you immerse yourself in the organised chaos of a modern metropolis, or you can sample homemade jam at a rest stop along a forgotten highway. Your options are limitless, just like the experiences that lie ahead.


You can participate in golfing activities at any of the resorts and villas listed below:

  • The Westin Denarau Island Resort & Spa
  • Sheraton Denarau Villas
  • Sheraton Fiji Resort
  • Fiji Beach Resort & Spa
  • Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
  • Radisson Sofitel Fiji Resort & Spa
  • Blu Resort Fiji Denarau Island
  • Golf Terraces (features an 18-hole championship golf course, golf and racquet club, and a private-berth marina)

Note: These are all part of a large tourism complex, which can be reached by car in 20 minutes from Nadi.

The resorts have direct access to the ocean, and a frequent island shuttle service connects them with Port Denarau. Golf carts are also available for visitors to get about and between the resorts.

The beautiful 18-hole championship golf course at the Denarau Golf and Racquet Club is only one of the many sporting attractions in Denarau. The huge rivers that the island has been planned around offer one-of-a-kind white water rafting. The 9th, 10th, and 18th holes are visible from a magnificent clubhouse that includes a pro shop and restaurant. The club's amenities are expanded by a driving range and some nearby tennis courts.

Fishing trips

Getting a fishing expedition from Denarau, Fiji's primary tourism centre, makes perfect sense. If you're staying in Nadi, Denarau, or the Coral Coast, travelling to Port Denarau, where so many fishing trips depart, is simple.

Port Denarau also provides the most diverse selection of fishing trips in Fiji, ranging from laid-back reef fishing expeditions to thrilling game fishing expeditions. Join Denarau's famous fishing boat, the Reel Game, which is a 7.2m Kelvacat with lots of capacity for fishermen.

The Reel Game Anglers in Fiji can catch mahi-mahi, tuna, Spanish mackerel, wahoo, and sailfish in the Denarau/Nadi/Mamanuca area, depending on the fishing season and circumstances. In any case, your skilled guide will know which fish to pursue on the day of the excursion. Fishing day cruises are around eight hours long and include food throughout the day.

Go scuba diving

Fiji's scuba diving environment is most renowned for its vibrant south sea soft corals. These corals provide an unrivalled range of hues, significant varieties of robust hard corals, impressive terrain, usually clean water, and diverse reef species. Fiji also has some of the most incredible shark diving in the world.

If you're staying in Nadi, Port Denarau offers scuba diving excursions to the Mamanuca Islands coral reefs and also outer reef walls. This archipelago features two types of marine ecosystems catering to divers of all skill levels.

Dive locations in the large Mamanuca Lagoon are perfect for beginners, with shallow, clear seas and plenty of coral bommies to enjoy. The Barrier Reef and its various channels are located on the lagoon's outer margins, on the Pacific Ocean side. Dolphins, sharks, turtles, and pelagics are commonly seen drifting among the vivid reefs, and visibility may surpass 35 metres.

Go shopping

The Port in Denarau is a favourite among both residents and tourists as Fiji's premier shopping and dining destination. The Port is unparalleled in terms of single boutiques, pubs, restaurants, spas, and activities, not to add bakeries, banks, bottle shops, and supermarkets. There is something for everyone, with businesses selling it all, from jewellery to surfboards to real estate.

You'll have a peaceful, distinctive, and intriguing shopping experience right on the water's edge. With local entertainment, including dancing and fire shows every evening, be prepared to take home much more than what fits in your suitcase. The Port in Denarau is open daily from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is the ideal place to shop before relaxing and watching the sunset.

Try traditional cuisines

Like every other nation with a unique ethnic minority, Fiji has many local foods and eating traditions. The cuisine is cosmopolitan, with a focus on seafood. You may frequently get real Fijian food, which consists of fish, shellfish, or meats prepared with indigenous herbs, coconut milk, and taro leaves in a native earth oven known as a lovo.

Kokoda is also a national delicacy of Fiji. It is a ceviche dish composed of raw tuna marinated in lime with coconut and eaten in a coconut shell. Order it if it's on the menu; it's great. You can also try a traditional drink known as kava, made from a root farmed locally that has its distinct medicinal properties and is also used in serious yaqona rites.

The taste takes some getting accustomed to, but it improves with each serving, so make sure to give it a go. Given that over 50% of the population is of Indian heritage, Indian food has also become a part of Fijian culture. You may find excellent curries anywhere. Rum is produced in much of Fiji, where sugar is a commercial crop.

Boat tours

Boat tours like the Sigatoka River Safari Tour are the ideal day trip for anyone who wishes to venture off the beaten path because it includes a village visit, a kava ceremony, and lunch. It runs every day, departing from hotels and Denarau resorts early in the morning for the hour-long trip to Sigatoka Town through untamed rural terrain.

For a thrilling and entertaining ride past farmers, fishermen, and stunning mountain scenery, board a sleek jetboat at the river. Visitors visiting the traditional village put on their free "sulu" (sarong) for a tour, kava ritual, concert, and lunch, which is followed by a dance.

Are You Ready To Tour Denarau Island?

Denarau Island might not be as well-known as other destinations in Fiji, but don't be mistaken. Denarau Island is indeed a small but lovely emerging tourist attraction that is well worth a visit. There are many superb things you can do and places you can visit at this secret getaway which will astound you. So, if you are planning to adventure in Fiji and are unsure how to get to Denarau Island, don't worry; simply contact a reputable travel agency or cruise liner, and your travel arrangements will be taken care of.

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