What To Buy In Fiji?

July 13, 2022

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Fiji Souvenirs

Fiji is a beautiful spot for all kinds of tourists. Its service and variety of food are known worldwide as world-class. Its pristine beaches, warm climate, and culturally rich society make it an attractive destination that all age groups can experience. As a visitor, you may be looking for an experience that is full of unforgettable memories to make your trip worthwhile. What else is there to enjoy in Fiji?

Apart from encountering a lot of forest reserves, natural minerals, and fish resources, you enjoy tasting the best of the seafood recipes here, which are pure Fijis and are hardly found anywhere else. Fiji is a well-known travel destination around the world due to its many distinctive characteristics.

Its capital, Suva Fiji, is well known for its welcoming locals, clear oceans, white sand beaches, beautiful shorelines, nightlife, and exquisite tropical islands. The entire experience of shopping in Fiji is excellent. Perhaps these all-inclusive features make this country a popular vacation spot where tourists keep coming all year long.

Ten Stores You Should Visit In Fiji

Visitors worldwide purchase items in Fiji that they cannot get back in their home country. If you're headed to Fiji soon, check out these ten stores!

Municipal Craftsmanship Center

Leave Fiji's sophisticated malls behind and go to smaller ones for a fresher experience. Throughout the year, many of these less well-known retail malls serve the needs of both locals and tourists. Consider the Municipal Handicraft Center in Fiji, which is thronged by shoppers every day of the year.

There're enough parking spaces for customers to conveniently park their cars, shop around and buy various items. You can get cultural artifacts and handicrafts from Fiji for meager prices.


The MHCC has over 20 different businesses, 15 food stands, and ten souvenir vendors. This shopping centre is known to be one of the biggest in Fiji. MHCC, or Morris Hedstrom City Center, is one of Fiji's top shopping destinations. It's a contemporary, multi-story complex.

This Suvavou shopping centre is well known for having several restaurants that offer their diverse clientele high-quality meals from local and international cuisines. Visitors from countries worldwide, including locals, stop by to dine and rest here.

Handicrafts from Baravi

Baravi Handicrafts has a wide selection of goods that you can choose from, with many options for different styles, features, and designs. This marketplace also has tons of specialised souvenirs to buy for friends and family. It deals with everything that can be the best handicrafts options to select, including trinkets, t-shirts, and other items.

Although you intended to buy nothing or only a few items, the variety of products is so great that you may wind up spending a lot. This store is great for various items, and you might buy a lot because of their diverse selection.

Farmers Market in Savusavu

Savusavu Farmers Market is a great place to shop in Fiji. Locals and visitors visit this location to purchase goods, particularly the region's specialty, fruits and seafood. This local market has an appeal on a global scale and continues to be well-liked for the various coconut oil variants, sweets, and other fresh coconut drinks.

The number of customers that visit this market is growing because pricing is fair and accessible for everyone to afford. Popular foods include coconut milk, lobster, and local vegetables like tomatoes and cabbage.

Maui Bay Marketplace

Visit Maui Bay Shopping Centre if you're looking for the best clothing alternatives in Fiji. This street is well-known and praised for its wide selection of retail establishments. These stores offer a wide selection of premium clothing brands for customers to pick from.

There are other options you can think about if money is short, including purchasing locally produced goods, which will still satisfy you completely. This industry is always crowded due to its focus on high-quality and affordable product selections.


Tappoo is one of Fiji's most cutting-edge shopping destinations. This centre never fails to draw the attention of both tourists and locals. This shopping centre offers Fiji's finest and most genuine goods. Tourists and residents frequent this location to buy reasonably priced, high-quality goods.

21K Gallery

To search for the best stores in Fiji, you will need to know your needs. To find genuine modern Fijian art, look no further than 21K Gallery. Individuals come from every corner of the world to buy artwork. Every piece reflects a different story, whether of the history of Fiji or memories from your own travels. Come and explore the gallery on your next trip!

Lawai Pottery Village

If you're looking for something to do in the Fijian Islands that's unique and special, then I recommend you go to Lawai Pottery Village. It's not just a place to visit while on vacation, but rather where you can learn about how their traditional pottery is made and why you should buy it.

At pottery villages, visitors come to select from a wide variety of pottery types. Some towns even have long-standing traditions demanding that visitors remove their footwear before entering the store. It is also customary for visitors to take off their hats.

Damodar City Centre

For residents and visitors who wish to shop at a traditional style mall or want to see a movie in a theatre, Damodar City Centre is the ideal location. In addition to a variety of locally produced goods, this area is popular for its low-cost but high-quality dining options.

There are also many stores selling various goods, including apparel, daily necessities, cosmetics, footwear, and other stuff. At sit-down restaurants, people enjoy quality time with their family and friends.

The Gallery

Make sure to browse the wide selections of art and jewellery at the La Galerie in Nadi, Fiji. You can find original pieces that offer more opportunities to get what you want at a price that fits your budget. This gallery is known for using semi-precious stones, freshwater pearls, and glass beads to create beautiful jewellery designs.

The artisans who do the dyeing here are masters of it. The shop has a vast selection of products tourists can buy here. From friendship bands to headbands, hair clips, and more, there really is something for every style of woman or man.

Souvenirs To Buy In Fiji

The souvenir shops in Fiji provide an intriguing window into the community's culture. It's simple to carry a little bit of Fiji back home, from customary island goods to more outlandish ideas. With these ten traditional Fijian souvenirs, you can keep the island vibe all year long.

Cannibalism artefacts

It is no secret that Fiji once practised cannibalism; in fact, reminders of this macabre past may be seen in almost all Fiji shops. Small cannibal figurines made from polished coconut shells adorn the shop shelves, and handmade wooden forks with four prongs on the end are available in various sizes.

Kava goods

If kava isn't used, it isn't a traditional Fijian ritual. Drinking kava, which is made from pulverised yaqona root, is a way of life for many Fijians. Before being distributed, the powder is filtered through a cloth and combined with water to create a muddy-looking liquid.

It is a relaxant, and it may cause tingling or numbness when consumed. Purchasing packets of kava powder or other kava-related products is entirely legal and unrestricted. Apart from Kava, Fijian beverages like Fiji bitter are very famous among locals and tourists. So, this could be your next purchase as well.

Fijian pearls

Due to their distinctive colours, which include chocolate brown, Fijian pearls are reputed to be among the world's most unusual.

In Savusavu, J Hunter Pearls offers snorkelling excursions to the pearl farms and the chance to buy various grades of pearls, with prices starting at $50FJD and going well into the hundreds for a single pearl.

Bula shirt

What a Hawaiian shirt is to Hawaii, a Bula shirt is to Fiji. A Bula shirt is a short-sleeved, buttoned shirt that is frequently adorned with frangipani or other floral motifs and is worn by many Fijians as their work uniform.

Coconuts shells

Polished coconut shells are readily available in regional markets and coral coast gift shops along with the kava. Although tourists may want to use them for more ornamental purposes at home if drinking kava is not a top priority, Fijians use them for pouring kava.

Carved turtles

Some of the traditional Fijian mementos are shaped like turtles and are thought to be lucky charms. Due to their significance in the indigenous culture, turtles used to be regularly consumed across the Fiji Islands resorts like Vanua Levu.

The Fiji Fisheries Act currently forbids the killing of sea turtles. There are still plenty of wooden souvenirs to buy in the shape of turtles, including bowls, paintings, carvings, and other items.

Tapa cloth artwork

These artworks are on fabric created from the paper mulberry tree's bark. All of the colours employed were created using organic materials like terracotta clay. Most paintings found at gift shops are either paintings of turtles or maps of the Fiji Islands like Vanua Levu or Denarau Island.

Mako masks

Previously, these hand-carved masks represented several gods or goddesses, as well as ideas like happiness, strength, and prosperity. Many of them include carvings or turtle paintings, illustrating this marine animal's significance in Fijian culture.

Pure Fijian goods

Buy locally in the Fiji Islands resorts and stock up on Pure Fiji cosmetics. Pick scents that are only found on islands, such as frangipani, noni, coconut, and mango. Alternatively, you can buy another Fijian souvenir from Reniu, another line from Pure Fiji.

Lali drums

Another critical component of Fijian culture is the Lali drum, which is a means of communication. Important events were frequently announced in communities using the sound of the drum.

The sound is produced by beating a hollowed-out log of wood with another stick. A full-size drum might be challenging to transport, but there are many smaller, fancier models you can take home as mementos.

Buying Directly From The Towns And Marketplaces

The isolation of the Fiji Islands makes shopping somewhat limited, but there are still plenty of fantastic regional items to photograph and bring back as gifts. Shoppers can find sentimental souvenirs to buy among the handcrafted goods on offer in Fiji, which is recognised for its wide variety of locally manufactured handicrafts. Some of the artifacts produced and sold in Fiji include tapa cloth, woven goods, carvings, and pottery.

Although some of Fiji's larger retailers carry these specific items, we advise buying directly from the towns and marketplaces. By doing so, the customer supports the neighbourhood economy and gains a genuine taste of Fijian travel. To experience your own taste of Fijian adventure, speak to a travel consultant or cruise liner for the best advice.

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