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August 19, 2019

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Believe it or not, the items you take with you on a cruising holiday can make or break the trip. Never fear though, as there are a few quick ways to overhaul your packing methods, leaving room for all the clothes and accessories that a Fiji cruise really requires.


There is no use laying out all your favourite outfits if there isn’t enough room in your bag for them. Packing your suitcase is all about using the limited space wisely, so here are a few tips to maximise that space.

Put heavy items in first

You can’t stuff jeans and spray jackets into corners, so they should be placed in the suitcase first, forming a foundation for all your casual items to sit on top of. Once these heavier clothes are in the bag, space will appear in corners or in between the items for you to put smaller pieces of clothing in.

Make some tough decisions

All of the packing tips in the world won’t help if you are trying to fit too many clothes into the bag. Start the packing process by laying out all the items you think you need, then only pack half of the clothes and three quarters of the shoes. When you pack your clothes, roll them rather than fold them to save more space.

Plan ahead with the contents of your carry-on bag

When you’re about to head off on a cruise, it’s a good idea to fill your carry-on with your valuables (your passport, phone and wallet) as well as a change of outfit. When you hop on board a cruise, you will most likely arrive in your room before your luggage. That is why it’s a good idea to have a change of clothes in your carry-on, so that you aren’t left waiting to use the cruise ship facilities such as a pool or spa.

Save on weight with less toiletries

Toiletries can claim a lot of room in a suitcase. From shampoo and conditioner to face creams and body lotions, a toiletries bag can take upwards of five kilograms from your overall baggage allowance. With this in mind, if you aren’t fussed on what you wash your hair or body with, use the ship’s provided toiletries.


Before thinking about clothes, it is best to check the cruise’s schedule and note any planned activities both on and off the ship. Once you know what you’re in for, you’ll be more likely to pack wisely. Comfort and versatility are the pillars of a good cruise wardrobe so make sure your chosen items make sense as outfits before committing to bring them along.

Everyday essentials


A solid supply of underwear, bras and socks are a given when it comes to cruising. Some of our cruise ships offer a self service laundry, at a reasonable price, but with two island visits a day, having plenty of changes is probably a good idea. As a way around this, pack a few more pairs of underwear and socks so that you’ll have a clean pair every day and a few spares just in case.

Sunglasses, Hat & Sunscreen

When cruising, it is also essential that you have the right sun protection. As you might be snorkelling twice a day, it is smart to bring good sun protection, including a swim shirt. Even when you’re having a day at sea, glare coming off the water and the sun’s rays can wreak havoc.


Even if your cruise isn’t visiting locations known for their beaches or water activities, it is a good idea to bring a few pairs of swimsuits. Exploring the swimming pool one day and spa the next will mean you won’t have to face a wet and cold swimsuit.

Speaking of swimsuits, females should also invest in a cover up. While there will be more relaxed dining options on the cruise ship, you might find that some sections of the boat will require you to be a bit more appropriately dressed before entering.


T-shirts, Singlets, Shorts & Dresses

Choose 2-4 t-shirt/singlet/blouses and about 2-3 skirt/shorts/pants options. Keep in mind that if there are planned activities where shorts and pants are more appropriate, these pieces could naturally fit into your in-transit outfits where you might prefer more warmth.

Rain Jacket

Always be prepared for unexpected changes in weather. There is no guarantee that the rain and wind won’t strike, so it never hurts to pack a sweater or rain jacket into the bottom of your bag.

Closed & Open Shoes

For cruising, you should also pack a few pairs of shoes, as an activity or boat based function will call for different types of shoes. Packing a pair of water shoes is a sensible option as some of the beach landings can be wet whilst on-board your cruise.


On a typical seven-night cruise, you can expect two formal nights, while the rest will range from semi-formal to casual. However, gone are the days where the men are expected to dress up in three-piece suits and the women in gowns. The option is there for individuals to take the idea of formal to whatever extent they please, so in terms of evening wear, think elegant and casual.


Packing for a cruise doesn’t have to be as hard as some think. Simple things like maximising suitcase space and planning ahead can help ease the burden of what to pack. For a cruise, you really don’t need to pack that much, just lean towards variety and a set outfit for every occasion in the cruise’s activity list that you plan on participating in.

In terms of clothes, mix and match. Remember, some things can be dressed up and down, while most clothes can pull double duty. For example, one pair of shorts can team with several different tops. Packing for a cruise is about packing smarter, not harder.

Now that you’ve revolutionised your packing methods, when will you cruise next? For your next escape, choose Captain Cook Cruises Fiji.

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