The 6 Most Exciting Activities in Fiji

March 20, 2019

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Fiji boasts not only some of the most serene experiences in the Pacific, but for those of you who are looking for a little adventure, it’s also home to a whole host of thrills both above and below the crystal-clear waters.

Whether you’re a young explorer, thrill seeker, or want to share in some fun activities with the whole family, there’s more than enough variation to go around, and hundreds of great places to choose from. In fact, with so much to choose from, it can be handy to have a few shortlist guides to pick the best of the best from. We’ve compiled a list here to start you off on your journey, but it’s by no means the end of it. Take a look for yourself, and remember to leave some room on your calendar to squeeze in anything you might have overlooked!


There’s far too many dive-sites dotted around the many islands of Fiji to name, but while diving you’ll be able to see some world-famous sea life and ocean formations that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.

If you’ve never seen a Sea Turtle swimming luxuriously by, never swam through a gigantic ocean cave formation, or seen the rainbow of coral that makes up a reef, all while viewing thousands of tiny fish, plants, and other animals up close and personal, then you owe it to yourself to take the plunge and see them all first-hand. It’s an unforgettable experience, and a vibrant glimpse into the true beauty that our world has to offer.

Captain Cook offers dive services for all experience levels through our partner Viti Water Sports, a PADI 5-star Dive Centre on the island.


If you’d rather enter the water from dry land, then why not instead bask under a rocky outcrop in the shade of one of the island’s waterfalls?

Sigatoka on the main island is noted for the beauty of its waterfalls, particularly Biausevu falls. If you’re going off of the main island, however, then the Tavoro Falls at Bouma National Heritage Park are a series of three fantastic waterfalls on Taveuni Island that blast most of the competition straight out of the water. Our Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise visits Tavoro falls on the fifth day of the seven night cruise – the next cruise departs in February 2017.


On the other hand, if you like your water controlled and your thrills high, then Big Bula Water Park represents a great place to kick up a splash. Entering through the jaws of a gigantic inflatable shark, you’ll find inside a list of dozens of towering fibreglass rides to excite anybody.

Visitors will be able to venture through obstacle courses, huge looping waterslides, high velocity domes, and more than enough relaxing side-pools and kid-friendly thrills that the entire family, young or old, can find a spot to claim.

Big Bula is located at Nadi on Denarau Island, opening 10am and closing at 5pm, right down the major Queens Road from the Nadi International Airport.


No surfer can visit Fiji without taking a quick stop to pay respects to Cloudbreak, Fiji’s greatest and most famous surfing wave.

Known colloquially as the ‘perfect wave’, you’ll have to venture out to Tavarua Island to meet it, but if you’ve packed a surfboard (or hired one from the many shops nearby) then you’ll soon be able to meet it’s endless crest.

For optimal conditions, wait until the southerly winds start blowing on a warm, breezy day. Be warned, however, the Cloudbreak might be an amazing experience but it’s best left to experienced surfers. If you’re an amatuer, don’t be too disappointed – you still have the option to choose between a hundred other world-class surf destinations.


Surfing just not exhilarating enough for you? Why not try your hand at some windsurfing instead? It’s essentially a surfboard with a sailboat fin attached to it.

Fiji is one of the world leaders in surfing’s lesser-known, but higher-calibre cousin. Have a look out for anywhere that does lessons (there’s plenty on Tavarua, and dotted right across Denarau’s whole coast). This isn’t something you’re going to want to dive into without a helping hand guiding you.


Another spot that you can take the whole family, Kila World, is an adventure park situated a short drive from Suva down the Queens Road. A whopping 427 acres in size, Kila World is a combined residential, organic farming facility, and an eco-adventure tourist park that boasts a selection of jungle walks along scenic waterfalls and towering jungle plants. With plenty of places to stop and take a picnic, it is also home to Fiji’s only major botanical garden.


There’s a range of cool family and solo activities to take part in while you’re there, too, from obstacle courses to jungle gyms, a giant swing, ropes courses, abseiling, a huge overland zipline, and much more.

If you’d like any more information on booking your Fiji holiday, or want to know what we have on offer, you can contact Captain Cook here.

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