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September 27, 2016

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Captain Cook Cruises Fiji | Blog

If you’re thinking about an overseas holiday, getting advice from other travellers is an essential step in the planning process. After all, who else knows the best tips and tricks of holiday fun than other travellers? Whether you plan on visiting Europe, America or have a tropical holiday scheduled, it is important to know what to expect upon arrival – and a holiday in Fiji is no different. Below is a list of the seven best blog articles, packed full of information about how to make the most of your Fijian experience.

1. Nomadic MATT: Travel longer, cheaper, better

If you are after money-saving tips and advice on the best destinations in Fiji, then this is the blog for you. Nomadic Matt gives a good overview of what to expect in Fiji, especially with typical prices on accommodation, food and transportation. A well-travelled blogger, the man behind Nomadic Matt has spent time around the world in a number of different cultures. He has a huge amount of knowledge on the do’s and don’ts of international travel.

2. Little Nomads: travelling with kids

Kids create chaos when it comes to family holidays, and it can be hard to find activities to cater to everyone when you’ve got a wide age range to consider. It’s one reason our Reef Endeavour cruise is so popular, because we welcome kids from age 5 years up on board and keep them entertained with plenty to do and see. If you still want some extra peace of mind and practical insights into taking the kids overseas to Fiji, then check out this article on Little Nomads. The Little Nomads site has hints and checklists to help minimise the stress of travelling with children, and their advice for a family holiday to Fiji is no exception. We’ve picked this blog article with its top ten tips on taking the kids to the tropical paradise of Fiji. It’s put together by Simon, the partner of Little Nomads’ blogger Debra. You can also check out Debra’s three articles describing their family’s trip to Fiji last year. This couple know how to organise a family holiday too – they have five children to take into account!

3. Virtual Tourist

The Virtual Tourist is dedicated to the practical issues of travelling: security concerns, places to avoid, maps of the most popular beaches, restaurants, nightlife and more importantly, where to get the coldest beers. Members to the site can post reviews and tips from their time in a country. There’s plenty of accumulated knowledge here to help you prepare for an incredible time in Fiji.

4. NineMSN

Check out this series of articles on Fiji, starting with the places you’ll want to avoid. Written by David Stanley, a prolific travel writer and author of a number of guidebooks on the South Pacific, there’s plenty of nuggets of wisdom. For example, a lot of the tourism information centres are commercial, so your friendly adviser may have an agenda when recommending places to go and things to do. Just one reason to do some research online before you jet off on your Fiji getaway.

5. Tiny Savages

If you have children aged 12 years and under, this is the site for you. Tiny Savages will help you make the most of your holiday time. Blogger Carli has plenty of practical advice on Kids clubs, babysitters, Fiji accommodation reviews and more from her own experience heading to Fiji to relax with young kids.

6. The Expert Vagabond

If experiencing the natural Fijian landscape is what appeals to you, take a look at The Expert Vagabond for detailed information about Fiji’s amazing landscape. Not only does it list towns, walking tracks and waterfalls, but the more adventurous can tackle the Waitavala Waterslide. (If you take our Reef Endeavour Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise or Lau and Kadavu Discovery Cruise you’ll have the opportunity to ride this natural waterslide).

7. My Destination Travel Blog: Jottings from Around the Globe

If holidays mean sun, surf and anything water related, take a look at this blog article on the My Destination Travel site. Find out why Fiji is the perfect place to go diving, with a whole underwater world for you to discover.

No matter what type of holiday you are planning, being prepared is the first step in creating the ultimate holiday experience. We hope these blog articles help you plan for an incredible Fiji trip.

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