What Kinds of People Go On a Cruise?

March 20, 2019

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One of the most common questions we get from people who’ve never been on a cruise is: what kinds of people will be on the boat?

Well, we can’t speak for all cruises, but we do know the kinds of guests who take a Captain Cook Cruise…

A Captain Cook Fiji Cruise is for the adventurous person who also appreciates relaxation and loves exploring a different culture, tasting new food, and engaging in a multitude of different activities.

They don’t want to think about renting cars, planning meals and accomodation, or booking tours – they want to save all their time for experiencing.

Want to know more? We’ve narrowed it down to five different types of people who come on our cruises.


People who want to see the world go on cruises. Cruises are far more accessible than travelling via planes or cars, and the different routes taken by boats allow you to witness hidden gems you couldn’t see by land. When you find these hard-to-reach places, you’ll make land stops so you can get out and about to explore the new location by foot.


Sometimes true relaxation can only come when we leave our daily lives behind. You can’t escape relaxation if you’re floating on the ocean. It’s just you and paradise.

This is why cruises are a popular choice for either solo travellers or families. As a solo traveller, you may want to be able to explore as much as you can within a safe environment, and have the opportunity to meet new people along the way.

Families benefit from cruises because they give parents a break from planning — something which constantly needs to be done with children. Thinking about the logistics of accomodation, tours, food, activities, and transport for a holiday can be exhausting. Everything is taken care of with a Captain Cook Fiji Cruise.

Looking for the ultimate relaxation? Take a look at our our spa packages for the perfect retreat.


Sailing off into the sunset is truly a romantic experience on its own, so for many looking for the perfect honeymoon or romantic getaway, a cruise is the ultimate escape. But it’s not only honeymooners who can enjoy a romantic getaway on a cruise. Any couple wanting to reconnect, or to have a well-deserved break from the kids or work (or both) will find the experience truly memorable and filled with fun activities.

But if it is your honeymoon you’re planning, Captain Cook Cruises offer honeymoon packages to take the stress away from planning the perfect post-wedding getaway.


Cruises are the perfect break from work – they are easy to organise, making them perfect for people who don’t have a wealth of time to spend on planning a holiday. Cruises are great for spending time with the family on a much needed break from work.

Is it time to get the family together and embark on the adventure of a lifetime? Here are some tips for organising the family before, after, and during travel.

We offer family packages at Captain Cook Cruises Fiji to make booking your trip even easier.


We’re not talking party animals or extreme extroverts — but when you’re sharing a vessel with the same people for a set amount of days, social interactions become somewhat inevitable, and at the same time, easier. You’re likely to meet genuine, like-minded people on a cruise — and chances are, your interactions will be natural and rewarding. You can end up making friends from all over the world.


While on a cruise, you’ll often be given the opportunity to experience things completely out of your comfort zone. Being open-minded can allow you to try these unique experiences without the feeling of guilt from doing it. Instead, you get to enjoy it as best you can, even if you would never do it again.


Think you’re ready to venture on a cruise and meet some of these people? Great! Get in touch with us at Captain Cook Cruises Fiji today by filling out an online enquiry form.

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