From Daiquiris to Diving: 6 Things To Do On Your Taveuni Holiday

March 20, 2019

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What to do in Taveuni? Well, some say this is a trick question. The advice most locals and fellow holidaymakers will give you are to:

  • Relax
  • Take your shoes off
  • Order a daiquiri
  • Proceed to do nothing

Of course, after you’ve successfully completed the steps above, you may want to get out and experience some of the beautiful cultures and sights of the third largest island in the “friendly north” of Fiji.

Taveuni is nicknamed the “mystery island”. The population is low, logging has been kept to a minimum and the pesky mongoose is barely in existence. Add this to a lush, rugged landscape and you have a serene and untouched “peteisi” (paradise). All reasons why this island is a favourite stop on our Colonial Fiji Discover Tours. If you’re ready to put down that daiquiri, here are the best things to while away your time on the magic isle.



Also known as the Garden Island, Taveuni has the fourth largest rainforest in the world. With fertile volcanic soil and the perfect climate, everything blooms here year-round. To sample some of this beauty close up, take the Vidawa Rainforest Hike in the Bouma National Heritage Park. About 150,000m², this park has been heritage listed for its fauna and diverse ecosystems. The full-day trek takes you through a fortified village at Navuga, then up to various lookouts to spot the wildlife, and finishes with a dip in the Tavoro falls. It costs about $60 FD per person and includes lunch, afternoon tea and local guides.


The black pearl isn’t something Walt Disney made up, they do exist! And they flourish in the blue lagoons of Taveuni. Take a tour to the Peckham Pearl Farm in Naselesele where you can snorkel the lagoon and float over these precious pearls. Open from 10am Monday to Friday, the tour takes 1.5 hours and afterwards you can take home your own black pearl for the price of a continental breakfast.


You can easily spend a full day here, and for $50 FD per person you can take a snorkelling tour of the park. This tour also includes afternoon tea and a ride on a ‘bili bili’ or local raft. The park is super popular so it’s best to book in advance. There’s also an adjoining campground so you can stay close by.



The ocean floor around Taveuni is home to some spectacular sights. The Somo Somo Strait is a diving mecca. Professionals come from around the world to dive into the deep blue of these biologically rich waters. Our top pick is the Whispering Tide swimming spot, where you can enjoy the beauty of brightly coloured coral while snorkelling and diving. It also happens to be a part of the itinerary of our Reef Endeavour Colonial Fiji Discover Tour.


If you fancy yourself a bit of a birdwatcher, then Taveuni will wear out your binoculars. Rare and wonderful birds live on the island and if you’re lucky, a hike into the rainforest will reveal the Azure Crowned Flycatcher or a Taveuni Parrot. If you happen to spot the fabled Orange Dove, get ready for instant fame. This rare species is said to exist on the island, however no photographic proof exists (yet). The other animals on Taveuni are equally as impressive and you may find yourself in the company of a Pacific Boa or a Prelli Frog.


One essential spot you need to visit during your trip on Taveuni is Lake Tagimaucia. Formed centuries ago in a volcanic crater, the lake is surrounded by a lush jungle of significant importance to Fijians. It is currently the only place on Earth where the epiphytic flower grows in the wild. It is also home for a number of species of reptiles that can be hard to find for the normal visitor, such as the Pacific Boa.

It is important to note that reaching this area can be quite the hike as some of the area is unexplored.


Some other great areas to check out include a hike to the beautiful Catholic Church built in 1895 in Waikiri, a slide down the natural waterslide at Waitavala or surf at Qamea Island. And hey, if you’ve conquered every corner of this beautiful island and are looking to expand your adventures, you can hire a kayak and paddle out to visit the neighbours. Whatever holiday you’re after, this mystery island has it all.


Tauveni is a beautiful island, filled with wonderful and unique wildlife entirely unique to the area. Start planning for your trip to Tauveni through our 7-night Colonial Fiji Discovery tour. It is a breathtaking tour landing on a number of lush islands including Tauveni.

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