Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

September 27, 2016
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The lucky few who call themselves cruise bloggers have managed to wrangle a life spent cruising the seas and rivers of the world, but this shouldn’t make you feel jealous. On the contrary, these bloggers are doing the hard yards for you.

Anything you need to know about your upcoming trip, any industry news regarding life on the sea or more practical info like weather warnings and what to pack, can be found on the nifty internet. If you’ve booked yourself a cruise with Captain Cook Fiji and wanting to embrace, or at least prepare for, the life on deck there’s plenty of cruising blogs out there to help you do so. Here are ten of the best blogs sailing the web right now.


Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

Did you know when you’re at sea, you’re no longer covered by Medicare or health insurance? This newsletter-style blog covers heaps of important issues like this to research before you board. More like an industry insiders website, this one is set apart by its up-to-the-minute reporting on what’s happening within these floating hotels. Cruise Weekly can also keep you abreast of any sales or cruise news. For example, they released the details of our cruise dates for 2015 earlier this year in a news update.

The Avid Cruiser

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

This blog by Ralph Grizzle is big on multimedia and uses the medium of video profiling to let you in on what it’s like to actually be on Europa 2 and other fancy cruises. There are great little posts about when to book and an in-depth, documentary video on cruising the Mekong. As Mr Grizzle implores: “Click. View. Cruise.”

Cruise Critic

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

Not your typical cruise blog, this comprehensive site goes above and beyond. There’s even a sign-up sheet so you can add yourself to the online roll call for your booked cruise – an instant way to make friends. Then, after you’ve said goodbye to your new shipmates, it provides useful tips on how to avoid post-trip depression. All bases covered. Cruise Critic, as the name suggests, also is home to plenty of reviews – including one of our Reef Endeavour cruise.

Ship Mate

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

With a feed format more suited to a smartphone, this blog is aimed at a younger demographic with user pictures, giveaways and a tongue-in-cheek approach to cruising. If you ever wanted to know how to sneak alcohol aboard a ship, check out their latest video “experiment”.

Cruise Mates

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

Toted as a “travel guide and community” of cruisers, this is a good place to, say, plan what you’re going to wear to the Queen Mary birthday party. They’ve also got an intimate “personalities on deck” section, info on how cruise ships are stretched, and a bargain finder search engine. Then once you’re back on dry land you can log into the interactive message board and add your gripes and comments to steer future travellers towards the best trips.

Cruise Radio

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

Basically a set of podcasts, this site talks you through everything from insurance quandaries to the beauty of stargazing aboard the Holland American Line. There are also podcasts led by an industry expert who interviews other industry experts – so you can be sure you’re getting the best first-hand knowledge.

From the Deck Chair

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

This is intriguing live reportage ‘from the deckchair’, although most of the cruises that this ex-animation editor takes are not your regular Mediterranean cruises with deckchairs. Focusing more on the unique and interesting cruises on the market today, Aaron Saunders captures the reality of cruising. Everything from the interior design of the restaurants to his thoughts and opinions on the itineraries and service.

Time Spent At Sea

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

A blog tied to the UK’s World Of Cruising mag, this is a more general site that’s great for basic information and finding the best online deals, such as bargain trips to take with kids in the school holidays. Their industry news is insightful and up-to-date, with one recent story featuring the 8,000-strong artwork collection given to the new Britannia to give it a more “luxury hotel” feel.

Cruise Buzz

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

Ever felt like running laps of the deck to work off all those three-course meals on board? This blog will tell you how to keep motivated and fit on your holiday alongside cruise sales, port guides and packing tips. Light and breezy, it’s also conveniently separated into cruising vicinities (Asia, Alaska, Europe, the South Pacific etc) so you can immediately hone in on the info you’re after.

USA Today Cruise Log

Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

What do you think about Oceania’s new policy raising their automatic gratuities? These are some topics worth researching before you cruise, and this blog rolls together the latest information buzzing around the internet in a schmick format. They’ve also got cruise logs and the lowdown on new trips such as the 17-dayer to the Aldabra Atoll. Check out their nostalgic look inside the carnival ships that made history while you’re at it.

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