Captain Cook Cruises Diver Training

September 22, 2022

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Captain Cook Cruises offers an array of great diving courses for both the beginner and the experienced diver. Captain Cook Cruises offers PADI and SSI certification.

Scuba Diving Fiji Islands

The company’s instructors are all highly experienced and qualified in scuba diving in the Fijian Islands. Before an open water dive, they will take you through all the necessary safety procedures and help you to understand the equipment.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Diving Courses

The company offers a range of diving courses, from beginner to advanced. The beginner course is a three-day course that covers the basics of diving. You will learn about the different types of diving, safety procedures, and how to use the equipment.

5 Star Diving for Advanced Divers

The advanced course is a three-day course that covers more advanced diving techniques. You will learn about dive planning, navigation, and deep-sea diving.

Night Cruises & Night Diving

Captain Cook Cruises also offers a range of specialty courses, such as night diving, wreck diving, and drift diving. These courses are designed to help you further your diving knowledge and skills.

Captain Cook Virtual Dive Resort 

Captain Cook Cruises offers a comprehensive diver training program that is perfect for those who want to learn how to dive or improve their diving skills. The program is designed to give participants the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and effectively dive at dive sites such as The Great White Wall, wrecks, Yasawa Islands, Rainbow Reef, Kadava Islands, Mamanuca Islands and Tivua Island and other marine environments.

Learn From A Qualified Fijian Crew

A traditional diving program may generally begin with your online learning package, where you can study the principles of diving in your own time at home. This is followed by a three-day, hands-on diving course in which participants learn how to use diving equipment and practice basic diving skills in a controlled environment such as the onboard swimming pool and then participants can spend some time diving in the Remote Northern Fiji waters, where they put their skills to the test in one of the world’s most beautiful and diverse marine ecosystems.

Learn to Dive Holiday Package

Throughout the program package, participants are closely monitored by experienced instructors who are there to ensure their safety when diving and help them progress at their own pace. The dive holiday program is flexible and can be customised to meet the needs and goals of each individual participant.

Fun Water Dive From Your Island Resort

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced diver looking to take your skills to the next level, Captain Cook Cruises’ diver package training program is the perfect way to learn or improve your diving skills in a safe and fun environment. If you have always wanted to learn how to dive, or if you are already a certified diver but would like to brush up on your skills, then planning the Captain Cook Cruises Diver Training is the perfect diving experience program for you.

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