Fijian Cruise Ship Appears to Fly in Optical Illusion Above Clear Waters

NZ Herald
Written by
Thomas Bywater
Published on
October 21, 2022

Fijian cruise ship appears to fly in optical illusion above clear waters

Yes, the water really is that clear.

A 3000-tonne 'flying ship' was photographed off Fiji's Mamanuca Island group.

Reef Endeavour, whose shadow is clearly seen 200 metres below, appears to be flying not floating near the Narokorokoyawa sacred islands.

This remarkable illusion was captured by a Bay of Plenty couple aboard the Captain Cook cruise.

Bernard and Alisa Satherley from Papamoa say they had been dreaming of the shot for years. The professional drone photographers couldn't resist bringing some gear and a powerful polarising filter.

"I have never seen the shadow of such a large ship on the ocean floor before," they said.

"It's common to see this effect with smaller boats in shallow water but this was special."