Eco Initiative: Build A Reef

Pacific Island Living
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Pacific Island Living
Published on
May 14, 2022

Captain Cook Cruises is very excited to have reopened Tivua Island for day cruise experiences.

They have also launched their “Buy a coral – Build a reef” coral rejuvenation program that allows guests to get involved in reef sustainability when they are visiting Tivua island.

Guests can buy a coral frag and plant it like they would a seedling on land. All funds go towards funding Captain Cook Cruises’ Coral Rejuvenation Program and making Fiji’s reefs even more glorious.

Tivua Island is surrounded by 500 acres of coral reef. The area has benefited greatly from the extensive work by Captain Cook’s team of Marine Biologists through the lockdown period. Coral planting, and monitoring and rejuvenation of on land plant life, have been priorities.

Captain Cook Cruises is a leader in sustainable tourism and reef education with their team of Marine Biologists providing ongoing education to guests both on Tivua Island as well as when cruising on the Reef Endeavour. Through their Ocean Ambassador program many tons of rubbish have been collected from beaches around Fiji during the Reef Endeavour itineraries that stretch as far as Sawa-i-lau & Kia island in the north and the outer reaches of the Lau group visiting more than 90 of Fiji’s 330 islands. Rubbish is collected by crew member Ocean Ambassadors, sorted, weighed, recorded and recycled. Passengers enjoy getting involved with the program as well.