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fijian people


Most Fijians are religious, modest and dress accordingly in public places – Remember to always cover your shoulders and knees when visiting villages. The most popular religions are Methodist and Hindu followed by Muslim and Catholic

Fijian lifestyle is a relaxed combination of traditional culture and a strong belief in the family and community. ‘Fiji Time’ refers to the relaxed way of life that means the bus often runs late as the driver stops to talk to friends, or you may make some unexpected stops to help the family. Plan for the unexpected and you’ll usually be pleasantly surprised!

Instead of knocking on a door you can call out the words “Dua Dua Dua” and await a reply from within. You should also remove your shoes and hat prior to entering a bure or house and remember to leave by the door from which you entered.

Refrain from touching a Fijian’s head – it is considered bad manners and always ask permission before taking photographs in rural areas.

fijian people


“Bula” – is the famous Fijian greeting and its meaning goes beyond the simple hello to incorporate spirit and literally means “life”.

Fiji has three official languages; English, Bau Fijian and Hindustani. English is the main medium of communication. It is the language the government uses and is the main language of education, commerce and the courts. Fijians do however, have a constitutional right to communicate with the government in any one of the three official languages.

The Fijian alphabet is made up of all of the English letters, except ‘x’. The letters ‘h’ and ‘z’ are rarely used and are usually found only in borrowed words.



Day 1 - Saturday

NUKU-I-MANA Welcome Aboard!  Set sail over lunch through the beautiful Mamanuca islands past many famous resorts collecting some additional passengers, before arriving for a snorkel from a sand cay and discover the vista of a South Pacific sunset.  Tonight book your preferred time early for our a-la-carte Dinner.

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Day 2 - Sunday

MONURIKI – MONU BAY Reef Endeavour cruises to idyllic Monoriki where Tom Hanks’ Castaway was filmed. Explore this natural film set on a guided kayak tour and explore idyllic Monu Island for snorkelling before a special village choral service.  The beautiful harmonies of the village choir will simply delight you.  This evening join the entertainment of our Sunday Show.

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Day 3 - Monday

SACRED ISLANDS - WAYA ISLANDS The Sacred Island is a place beautiful beyond belief.  Legends tell of the great war canoe `Rogoboka' which landed here with the first Fijians.  On arrival the ship's crew pay tribute to the forefathers of Fijian culture and perform the Sevusevu (gift giving) ceremony.  Spend a magical morning swimming in the aquamarine lagoons, snorkelling in spectacular coral gardens, beach combing or coral viewing from the glass bottom boat. Over lunch cruise to the Southern Yasawa islands.  Enclosed by towering volcanic peaks and palm fringed beaches, Waya Island is a tropical paradise.  Visit a local school this afternoon and a village and shell market. The fit will also have a chance to climb to the peak of Waya for amazing views.  Don your favourite island attire for Pacific Island night tonight!

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Day 4 - Tuesday

WAYA ISLANDS - DENARAU MARINA After Breakfast, Reef Endeavour sets sail and returns to Denarau Marina at 07:30am for a 9:00am disembarkation.

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fijian people


Greetings or Hello
ni sa bula
nee sar bull-ar
Thank you or good
vee nar-kar
Good morning
ya dra vinaka
yarn-drar vee nar-kar
How are you
sa vacava tiko
sar varthava tiko
I’m happy
sega na leqa
sar mar-ow tiko
No worries
kere kere
sang-ar nar lan-ar
ni ca moce (formal)
kerry kerry
Moce (informal)
nee sar mor-thay (formal)
mor-thay (informal)

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4 Night Yasawa Island Cruise
5th March 2024
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