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Reviewer Fiji Islands Small Ship Cruises - MV Reef Endeavour
8 May 2016
Cheryl, QLD  
This was our first cruise and it has been an awesome experience. Each day has been full of fun, laughs and beautiful scenery. We will definitely be back.  
22 March 2016
Donna, Canada 
Awesome experience. Highly recommend anyone add a Captain Cook Cruise to their Fiji vacation. It's the best way to experience Fiji off the main islands.  
22 March 2016
Helen, NZ 
Thoroughly enjoyable 4 day break - awesome crew. Next time will do 7 nights!  
15 March 2016
Margaret, Canada  
A truly unique and unforgetable trip. The crew truly made us feel like family and we could not have asked for a better experience. Cant wait to return.  
15 March 2016
Cody, Canada   
Everyone was amazing. Staff kept things personal. Will definitely be back.  
15 March 2016
Seen the real Fiji, it has changed my life. Lovely crew and what beautiful people & villages Fiji has.... Amazing 
1 March 2016  What an absolutely privilidge to have seen and experenced what we did on this cruise. Loved it. 
19 January 2016
Lovely views. Food was good. The staff are polite.   
19 January 2016
Excellent service staff. Loved getting to know people from other countries. Made friends for life. It was great to see so many activities throughout the week.  
19 January 2016
Bruce, USA  
We love Fiji and the Fijian people. We especially love the crew, they exceeded our expectations!  
19 January 2016
Robert, AUS 
Good service and friendly attitude from all staff and crew from Captain down to the boat divers. Great experience for first time cruising.  
16 January 2016
Andrew, Aust  
The crew was fantastic. Friendly service and always happy. We had an absolute blast and would love to travel again 
16 January 2016
S, Canada  
We really liked the size of the ship and the friendly atmosphere. The crew was wonderful.  
15 Dec 2015 
Ashleigh, NSW
Excellent service - very friendly. Beautiful snorkelling spots. Highly recommend. Would definitely do it again! 
12 Dec 2015
Charles, NSW  
We thoroughly enjoyed the 3 night and 4 night cruises. The quality of service & hospitality was outstanding. Food was fabulous. Singing was brilliant. The variety of activities on offer superb. Highly recommend CCC Fiji as a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a diverse range of Fijian experiences. 
12 Dec 2015
Claire, NZ 
We did the 7 night cruise and have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it. 
12 Dec 2015
 Gail, QLD 
It was a great cruise. Everyone has been friendly and good fun. We would do it again.  
24 Oct 2015
Lori, USA  
Lovely people with a great can do attitude made everything fun. Really enjoyed getting to know some of them. Thank you to every crew member for making this great trip.  
20 Oct 2015
All the staff were fabulous and helped make our cruise experience the best ever. Great service, very friendly and always acommodating. Highly recommended and greatly appreciated.  
20 Oct 2015
Loved the crew and experience. 
20 Oct 2015
Ron & Peta  
Genuine & sincerely friendly crew led by a very special Captain. 
20 Oct 2015
Belinda, TAS 
We enjoyed our experience on your small ship. We will recommend your holiday to our friends. Great service and lovely staff. 
13 Oct 2015
Sue, UK  
Staff are excellent, food was great. Everyone happy & helpful.  
13 Oct 2015
Fabulously friendly Fijians. Great food. 
13 Oct 2015
Wayne, NZ 
First time experience of cruising. Thoroughly enjoyed everything about it.  
13 Oct 2015
John, USA  
Great cruise, lots of activities both water and on land. Wonderful way to see Fiji.  
13 Oct 2015
Aileen QLD  
Loved every minute of this cruise. Congratulations Captain and Staff, you are all amazing. We will come back one day!  
26 Sept 2015
Mickey USA  
Wonderful stay, everyone was very accommodating. Enjoyed the lovely food, dancing and social networks.  
26 Sept 2015
Phil USA  
The teamwork and humor between crew v crew and crew v guests was fabulous.  
26 Sept 2015
Darren, NSW 
The staff were fantastic. A great overall experience. I would repeat and recommend.  
22 Sept 2015
Andrea, NZ 
Thank you all so much. You all contributed to the most wonderful relaxing holiday we've ever had. Fantastic for kids and adults - the real way to see Fiji.  
22 Sept 2015
Patricia, QLD  
It was an amazing cruise. The food was great and the staff stories were funny.  
22 Sept 2015
Best holiday ever. Your crew are so warm and professional. We enjoyed every snorkel and beach. Loved the evening entertainment and small group atmosphere. 
22 Sept 2015
NS, Japan  
Fantastic cruise with well organised activities. Great hospitality, nice food and beautiful sea. Even with cloudy weather we enjoyed alot.  
19 Sept 2015
 Katherine, NSW 
These guys have got it right. The perfect blend of relaxation, exploration and cultural discovery. The staff & food exceptional and every day was a day of delight and surprise. 
19 Sept 2015
Bruce, NSW 
Great friendly and helpful crew who made the whole trip memorable. 
19 Sept 2015
The crew have been wonderful. So friendly and helpful. They were the icing on the cake. 
15 August 2015
The crew on board were lovely. They really made the cruise. Very accommodating and welcoming.  
15 August 2015
Katrina, QLD  
Thank you for a wonderful taste of Fiji - loved every minute and can't wait to come back.  
1 August 2015
Cheryl, NSW  
Great 3 days. The crew are all so friendly and helpful and nothing is of bother. Very well run and a fun trip.  
25 July 2015
Julie, NSW  
We found all the staff and crew to be extremely polite, friendly and hospitable. Nothing was an effort. This made our holiday relaxing and fun.  
25 July 2015
Martin, NSW  
The Captain and all of the crew were great, friendly and helpful. We enjoyed every bit of the cruise.  
21 July 2015
Nancy, QLD  
Trip/Cruise was most enjoyable, well catered, friendly and accommodating staff and of course outstanding location.  
18 July 2015
John, VIC  
Cruise was like I imagined and exceeded our expectations especially as you could be very busy with all the activities or just relaxing. Staff were very friendly. 
14 July 2015
Anna, NZ 
You have catered fantastically for our family. We had visited many beautiful places and will have many lasting happy memories. 
14 July 2015
Lois, NZ  
I have been dreaming this cruise for a long time and it didnt dissapoint. The scenery, its snorkelling and the beaches are stunning but I hadn't expected to be so impressed with the crew.  
7 July 2015
Brian, NZ 
All the crew were fantastic. Captain and Crew very approachable. Loved the Fijian staff. We greatly appreciated the sffort by all the crew to make this a great cruise.  
7 July 2015
Terri, SA 
Fiji is a beautiful country and it is a pleasure to revisit and experience new islands, villages and cultures.  
7 July 2015
Lyn, VIC  
The staff were so helpful and friendly. A big thank you for such a friendly, fun time with my kids.  
4 July 2015
Had wonderful time, very relaxing, crew very helpful and friendly. Brought along our 9yr old grandson who had a fantastic time. Very cost effective holiday. 
30 June 2015
Paul, NZ 
A superb experience. Thank you. While there were many great experiences the highlight was the diving. The crew were friendly and helpful.  
30 June 2015
Cath, NZ 
Just a lovely introduction to cruising. An awesome Fijian flavour.  
30 June 2015
Vicki, WA  
Fantastic hospitality from all the staff. Great laid back holiday with fun people to be around.  
30 June 2015
The crew on the boats went out of their way to ensure our safety & enjoyment. The restaurant crew worked hard to keep our plates full.  
27 June 2015
Narelle, NSW  
The crew of MV Reef Endeavour went out of their way to make our cruise the best holiday for the entire family.  
27 June 2015
Meg, VIC 
This is our 2nd trip with CCC and we came back again with friends and family for the "real Fiji: experience that you just don't get in resorts. Thank you to our crew for taking such good care of our family. 
27 June 2015
Grace, ACT 
As good as the sights and activities were, nothing can beat the unbelievable hospitality of the crew. They always welcomed you with a smile and made you feel most welcome. The crew is truly the heart and soul of the cruise.  
27 June 2015
Gary, VIC 
Fantastic, caring and happy crew always looking out for your safety & to have some fun this is priceless. 
22 June 2015
Scott, QLD 
Our whole family loved the cruise. Something for all of us to do! A big thank you to the whole crew for looking after us so well.  
22 June 2015
This cruise was highly enjoyable. We made many friends and spent a lot of time socialising whether on the beach or in the villages or around the bar.  
20 June 2015
Brian, ACT  
The crew were fantastic and great fun. The beaches, the reef and the experiences were really enjoyable.  
20 June 2015
Keren, NZ  
Your crew are wonderful with guests, particularly with the children. We can see how you given parents a wonderful holiday. Also the kindness shown to people with disabilities.  
20 June 2015
Crew excellent, food excellent and entertainment excellent. 
16 June 2015
Monica, VIC  
I have been on a number of cruises but I would have to say that the Reef Endeavour would be number 1. A huge thank you to the crew for the friendship help and warmth they extended. We will miss you.  
13 June 2015
Jason. NSW  
What an experience! All services were first class, food was great and the crew were like family. A must do again!  
13 June 2015
Desmond, QLD  
All crew excellent and polite. The Captain the most intermingling, efficient, warm and ensuring the most memorable time for all on board. 
9 June 2015
Brian, NZ  
It was an amazing experiece. The Captain & Crew are and were very approachable.  
9 June 2015
Kerry, NZ  
All crew members were cheerful and polite. Always greeted us with a smile.  
9 June 2015
Brenda, QLD  
Incredibly relaxed crew & staff who looked after us with great care & humour.  
2 June 2015
Fabulous crew as usual, very relaxing. Looking forward to planning another one.  
2 June 2015
Jacqui, NSW  
The whole crew and staff were fantastic & most helpful. Excellent service. 
28 April 2015
Relaxed style. Happy and friendly crew makes for a great holiday experience.  
21 April 2015
Louise UK 
We have thoroughly enjoyed our cruise. It has by far exceeded our expectations. We can only add praise to all the crew members who have each made us feel welcome and we have felt part of a big family. The food has been exceptional, the music and entertainment has been lovely. The dive crew have been very professional and friendly. It has been a very intimate cruise with all the staff learning our names and genuinely wanting us to have a wonderful experience. We cannot thank you enough for making this one of our best holidays ever. 
21 April 2015
Stephen, QLD 
The crew responsible for hospitality, which included the deck hands were all very friendly, helpful and courteous. This made our short time on the cruise very memorable and pleasurable. This is clearly the benefit of traveling on a relatively small cruise line. 
21 April 2015
Anita, NZ 
At last a cruise where you can truly relax and do as much or as little as you like. Friendly, smiling crew and each day brings a new island to explore. Wonderful food.  
21 April 2015
A most amazing experience/ Exceptional care by staff. Warm and helpful. Food excellent. Really got a feel for Fiji and traditions.  
21 April 2015
FPF, New Zealand 
The crew are fantastic, friendly, helpful and because of the crews happy and obliging nature the guests were very relaxed and friendly. A very happy and fun ship to be a part of.
18 April 2015
Susanne, HOLLAND  
Wonderful and caring crew.  
14 April 2015
Mike ACT 
It is the crew that really makes the cruise the sucess that it is. The diving is fantastic. The crew are very friendly and welcoming. 
4 April 2015
Joe & Maria FIJI  
We have really enjoyed our time on this cruise even as locals. Great service and crew looked after us so very well. We would like to try the other cruises as well. Highly recommended.  
4 April 2015
Karyn NZ  
Fantastic crew, fantastic trip. 100 x better than staying in a resort. We have now seen the real Fiji.  
4 April 2015
Christine, NSW  
This was a wonderful and enjoyable experience taking in the coral reefs, swimming activities and Fijian culture and village life. Well served by a friendly and efficient crew.  
4 April 2015
R&M Henry  
This has been our 3rd cruise on CCC Fiji and we have enjoyed it once again! Our 2 kids have also had a ball of a time and we cant thank the staff/crew enough for making this an amazing experience.  
4 April 2015
Nemate PNG 
Service is wonderful and everyone is so friendly. Thank you so much!
4 April 2015
Matt, NSW 
Everything really well organised. Loved the snorkelling and school visits. Food was delicious and fresh.  
28 March 2015
Kay, QLD  
Spectacular scenery, comfy accommodation. Very interesting visits to the villages. Wonderful and happy crew! 
24 March 2015
Colin, NSW  
Wonderful experience that we will never forget. The crew were amazing, friendly & very informative. This has truly been an amazing trip & all the crew are to be commended. We will be back.  
20 March 2015
Garry, SA 
All staff were first rate. Appeared to enjoy their roles and interacted exceptionally well with passengers.  
20 March 2015
Barry, QLD  
We thoroughly enjoyed our 7 night cruise with Reef Endeavour. The crew and staff were amazing and really looked after us. We will be back.  
10 March 2015
Laila, QLD 
This is our 12th cruise, mostly on large liners and to be honest this is the most fun we have ever had. The crew were fantastic and all the guests got to know one another. We love Fiji having visited many times and certainly hope to do another Captain Cook cruise.  
10 March 2015
Tom, NSW  
Crew awesome, food excellent, service outstanding. Mystery destinations were quite good considering we were avoiding cyclone Pam.  
3 March 2015
Rio, NZ  
Everyone has been wonderful and the crew makes it all work. They're as unique as the destinations we visited.  
3 March 2015
Thank you to the crew of the Reef Endeavour for providing me with a wonderful holiday beyond my expectations.  
3 March 2015
Greg, USA  
Fantastic itinerary! Saw the real Fiji, not a resort like most tourists. All of the crew are wonderful. I think of them as friends that I have shared an adventure with.  
3 March 2015
Sandra, QLD  
Small ship cruising at its best.  
3 March 2015
Jennie, NSW  
A fantastic experience that we will want to return to again and again 
 21 Feb 2015
Meena, ACT
 Wonderful crews and services
 16 Feb 2015
Jackie, USA
 I had an absolutely amazing experience! Every staff member knew my name and were super courteous. I will highly recommended this cruise to anyone.
17 Jan 2015
Kara, ACT
Absolutely fantastic, as always the crew are what keep us returning time and time again
20 Jan 2015 
Bedfood, QLD
A most enjoyable cruise. Crew are excellent and could not do enough for us. Thank you and we will be back  
17 Jan 2015
E&G, Canada
Great time on board and off to the island beaches 
17 Jan 2015
Anne&Wayne, Canada
This was our first time with CCC. Thoroughly enjoyable, we made many new friends.
17 Jan 2015
Vicki , USA
A lovely experience made more so by the friendly, charming, smiling  
13 Jan 2015
The crew were excellent in their friendliness enthusiasm for their work. They make you feel that nothing was too much trouble.  
16 Jan 2015
Very friendly like the way you support local villages and schools. Gideon bible in cabin is good. 
13 Jan 2015
Finas, USA
We thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Captain Cook Cruise. The crew is delightful, they made us feel so welcome everyday. It was worked travelling 18 hours from the states.
6 Jan 2015
Toni, ACT
Service by all staff especially the two deck cadets was fantastic. They both relate well to passengers and are always willing to help out. 
3 Jan 2015
Sue, NSW 
Such an efficient friendly and special cruise away from main resorts. A mile ahead of big ship cruising.  
30 Dec 2014
KNC, Fiji  
Your service was excellent throughout the cruise and the staff are magnificent all the way. Food is the top of my list.  
30 Dec 2014
Sharnell, Fiji  
Being on our honeymoon, we had one of the best cruise experiences so far. Our heart felt gratitude goes to all the staff and crew for their excellent hospitality. Definitely coming back in the future.  
30 Dec 2014
Mick, NSW  
Crew very friendly and helpful. It made the cruise very enjoyable. Also the  food was excellent. 
30 Dec 2014
Judy, USA  
Incredible experience! Staff were amazing. Beaches were beautiful. Vinaka to all!  
30 Dec 2014  Thank you to the crew for taking the time to make our cruise an awesome experience.  
23 Dec 2014
Matthias, Germany  
An exceptional and fantastic cruise. Very authentic crew who were helpful and nice. 
23 Dec 2014
The crew is fantastic. They always go that little bit further. Nothing is too much trouble.  
23 Dec 2014
Lynne, NZ  
We loved the crew with the friendly helpful way they looked after us!  
23 Dec 2014
Barry, NZ  
Excellent cruise on all aspects. Highly recommended!  
20 Dec 2014
Adele, Fiji  
Crew were friendly and very helpful. Lovely food. 
20 Dec 2014
Prasad, Fiji  
Punctuality and individual attention, staff always ready to go the extra mile for you.  
20 Dec 2014
Orich, Malta  
The most treasured memory to take home. Such friendliness, warmth and smile!  
16 Dec 2014
Farzana, Fiji  
Just get on board! Captain Cook Cruises has everything covered for you. Discovery the majestic Fiji with Captain Cook Cruises.  
16 Dec 2014
Misoon, Korea  
All of the crew are very kind so I could enjoy my trip. Thank you so much.  
29 Nov 2014
Joyce, USA  
We enjoyed all of you, treated us like Family. Tours to the villages were amazing. Outstanding Fiji experience.  
25 Nov 2014
Bob, USA 
Everything was lovely and we will be joining you again as soon as possible. We loved every minute of it.  
25 Nov 2014
Jeffrey, VIC  
Crew were very helpful and pleasant at all times.  
25 Nov 2014
Kym, QLD  
Crew are very. Polite and skilled at their jobs. Boat is a perfect choice for reef cruising. Snorkeling was great.  
25 Nov 2014
Michela, WA  
The best part of the cruise was the interaction with the crew. They made this the best cruise I've been on! 
25 Nov 2014
Ron, NSW  
Very relaxing and professional cruise. Fiji people are a treasure.  
18 Nov 2014 
Graeme, WA 
Thanks to all the crew for their company and fantastic service. We had a great time. 
15 Nov 2014
Melanie, USA  
We really enjoyed the cruise. It was a great experience. The staff was great, we loved the activities, food and drink.  
15 Nov 2014
Elisbeth, Canada  
Excellent value, warm friendly and hospitable staff.  
4 Nov 2014
Crew had excellent customer service skills and were extremely friendly and helpful.  
28 Oct 2014
Chris, SA  
Fantastic cruise with friendly, accommodating and fun staff. The snorkelling is simply unbelievable.  
25 Oct 2014
Faye, NZ 
Wonderful, friendly, courteous people. Be prepared to be entranced daily.  
25 Oct 2014
Cliff, QLD  
To all our treasure friends we leave behind today we love you and thank you for help, warmth and caring.  
25 Oct 2014
Jana USA  
We enjoyed meeting so many wonderful and friendly people. We found the crew to be cheerful and hospitable. We really enjoyed the cruise. 
25 Oct 2014
Arie, NSW  
The most relaxing holiday with excellent meals at all times. Interaction with staff and Captain was over and beyond our expectations.  
25 Oct 2014
Wonderful crew, delicious food, amazing places. Thanks for looking after us so well and getting us to safety to and from the Reefs and ship. Enjoyed learning about Fijian culture and traditions.  
25 Oct 2014
Karen, NSW  
Overall our cruise was very good. The food was nice and the crew were very helpful.  
18 Oct 2014
Karen, Tas  
Absolutely brilliant. Wow! 
18 Oct 2014
Dianne, NSW  
Thank you for a wonderful 3 night cruise. It was fantastic.  
14 Oct 2014
Paul, WA  
A truly relaxed, casual and fun filled holiday. We would love to revisit.  
14 Oct 2014
Anne, NSW  
My seafood allergy was well taken care of. Special care given to me when fish was on the menu.  
14 Oct 2014
Nicky, VIC 
Your best asset is your crew. They all have excellent manners and are so warm and friendly.  
14 Oct 2014
Vickie, QLD  
Sailing with CCC has been the most wonderful experience. So many highlights from the snorkelling to village visits, but the best thing for us has been the crew without exception. Everyone was friendly, kind, helpful and extremely caring.  
14 Oct 2014 
Wendy, VIC 
Most amazing cruise - thats why this is our third. The crew cant do anymore for you. Will come back for a fourth,  
14 Oct 2014
 Brian. NSW
Thanks for another great cruise. Look forward to next year.  
14 Oct 2014
P&R, WA 
We are just returned from our 7 Day Cruise on the Reef Endeavour...thoroughly enjoyable in every way, especially the staff. Food fresh and good, tours to villages, snorkelling etc..wonderful, though trek up 741' hill was challengingly steep...just a fun, relaxing, enjoyable holiday...did not come across one cranky Fijian!...they say they are a people who enjoy the day unlike most if us who rush through it....go and go soon.
7 Oct 2014
Diana, USA  
It was a fantastic trip. A bigger boat would have been less personal. We didnt make it to lunch one day and a steward remembers who we were and brought us both a plate. Very thoughtful.  
7 Oct 2014
Fantastic service as always. Crew are amazing, always smiling and ready to lend a hand. Couldn't ask for better service. We will be back for a 4th time.  
7 Oct 2014
Maddy, NZ
Enjoyed the friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Great introduction to cruising. Really loved seeing more of Fiji beyond the resorts. 
7 Oct 2014
 Daryl,  AUS
The whole trip was fantastic, staff were so friendly and helpful. A wonderful place for a holiday. I will recommend it to all my friends.  
7 Oct 2014
You could not get any better staff or service. We only wish we could do another cruise one after another.  
7 Oct 2014
Jan, NSW 
Wonderful crew. We really enjoyed cruising a bit off the normal tourist trek.  
7 Oct 2014
We found the other guests on this cruise to be very friendly. The staff were courteous and attentive.  
7 Oct 2014
Rhonda, QLD 
My husband and myself and 2 other friends went on the Reef Endeavour on the 7th of October for 1 week and boy what an experience. We had WONDERFUL staff that nothing was a problem for them to do for you. The trip was fantastic I would really recommend this trip.
4 Oct 2014
Alanna, NZ  
Absolutely wonderful cruise. A magical 3 days. We will definitely be back soon.  
27 Sept 2014
So nice to be welcomed on board like old friends. Such a relaxing way to travel.  
23 Sept 2014
Simon, NSW 
A wonderful active, cultural and fun experience for all, made possible by the most amazing staff on the planet.  
20 Sept 2014
Nicole, VIC 
Our family of 6 thoroughly enjoyed the 7 night cruise. The ship had everything we could want, the dining was excellent, service exceptional and daily shore excursions beautiful. By far the highlight for all of us were the Fijian people and the excellent crew.  
20 Sept 2014
Steve, NSW  
The 7 day cruise surpassed all our expectations. We never felt ship bound with the great variety of shore and water activities. Above everything however the hospitality from the outstanding crew will be our fondest memory.  
20 Sept 2014
Kristen, NSW
The cruise was perfect for our family. The staff are outstanding and make it a truly magical holiday. The experience will stay with us as great memories.  
9 Sept 2014
Peter, SA 
Completed the 3 night cruise last month on the Reef Endeavour and enjoyed every minute of it. The crew was excellent and seemed to love what they were doing, they remember your name, they joke around with you, they treat you as one of them. To see the crew so happy must mean that they love their job and workplace! Of course who would not like their workplace, it is fantastic! Well done Captain Cook Cruises, we will be back next year and do the other 4 night cruise. 
2 Sept 2014
David, VIC 
Friendly, happy environment, pleasure to be around, nothing was a problem. Provided excellent service. 
2 Sept 2014
SPR, Aus 
Wonderful to see the "real fiji" and meet people in villages.  
2 Sept 2014
Tim, NSW 
Loved every minute of the cruise. The crew always had a smile & nothing was too hard to do as any requests were happy attended to.  
2 Sept 2014
A fantastic culture cruise - it was above what we expected. Great ship and great Crew. wow!  
2 Sep 2014
Sue, VIC  
An excellent introduction to the different cultures of Fiji. A good balance between activities of a cultural nature and swimming and snorkelling.  
2 Sep 2014
Jean VIC  
Excellent service and Fiji Culture experience. All staff were so helpful.  
30 Aug 2014
Sharon, NSW
Second time cruising Fiji with CCC. Had another fantastic time. All staff very friendly and helpful. Will definitely be back again.  
26 Aug 2014
Joel, USA 
Awesome crew! The family feeling was great. The level of personal service for our family made out time very special and memorable. 
26 Aug 2014
The whole crew were wonderful, a good cross selection of guests, all helped to make a very enjoyable 7 days!  
26 Aug 2014
Alison, NSW 
This cruise was a truly exceptional experience. We have found the snorkelling and the staff to be outstanding. We will certainly be back.  
26 Aug 2014
We had a wonderful 7 days. Everything was great and the crew were exceptional. Food was pretty good too!  
26 Aug 2014
Gabrielle, NZ 
Crew wonderful, friendly, essence of beautiful Fiji!  
19 Aug 2014
Andrew, NZ  
Top crew, top services, top holiday - thank you. 
19 Aug 2014
Ian, NZ
The exceptional crew were a highlight of this tour - happy, helpful and hardworking. Kia Ora!  
19 Aug 2014
Gill, NZ 
Wonderful crew, very helpful when snorkelling. Great food and entertainment. Everything very relaxed but worked to a timetable. Loved every minute of it!  
19 Aug 2014
Bill, VIC 
Our first cruise and first trip to beautiful Fiji. A highlight of our trip was the fantastic people who made the experience so memorable.  
19 Aug 2014
All the crew were excellent. They all made sure that they went out of their way to make the cruise fun and relaxing. 
5 August 2014
Reg, QLD  
A wonderful cruise. The staff are a wonderful bunch of people. Nothing too much trouble. Food was 1st class - a great variety. I would & will recommend this trip. 
5 August 2014
John, SA 
Once again another fantastic cruise 1st class service from great crew. Nothing is to hard for them and you are always being well looked after. 
5 August 2014
Rita, SA 
I particularly enjoyed the friendly attitude of all the staff. Very high standard. I've never experienced anything this good before.  
5 August 2014
James, NSW 
We love the Fijian people & crew. We wouldn't be here otherwise. They make the holiday. 
5 August 2014
Elaine, SA 
Without doubt the crew were excellent in every way, friendly, helpful and happy it was such a pleasure. Thank you to each and every one of them.  
26 July 2014
John, VIC 
Excellent service. Very helpful and would assist willingly to any question asked.  
26 July 2014
T&N Scott 
Thank you for a fantastic cruise. Really had great fun! 
22 July 2014
Bryn, NSW 
A fantastic experience, amazing destination, very friendly crew/staff and excellent food. 
22 July 2014
Shin, QLD  
Very friendly crew team who make everything fantastic. We had a great time during this trip.  
15 July 2014
Maria, NSW 
This was quite simply one of the best holidays we have had. We are all experienced travellers and have been on all sorts of cruises, both expensive and cheap. This was in the middle price wise. A small ship with only 77 passengers and all Fijian crew. EVERYONE was so pleasant and good humoured. Good food and fantastic destinations. Swimming and snorkelling twice a day, plus glass bottom boat and kayaks. everything was thrown in except for drinks! New Cruise Director did an excellent job, and there were lots of extra, and special activities thrown in, including a dawn hike up a mountain to see the sunrise, visits to schools on remote islands, a visit to a chief's house, a couple of cultural shos on the islands, and even a crew show which beat everything else. Overall, a holiday to remember and a good time was had by all. Passengers ranged from children (about 15 in all who were kept entertained by the crew and had a ball) to an awesome 92 year old lady who managed to keep up with the best of us!
14 July 2014
The crew really make the cruise. They are a fabulous bunch!  
1 July 2014
Christine, QLD 
Excellent cruise, staff very friendly and helpful. Food - large quantities and delicious. Something for everyone. Exceptional value for money.  
1 July 2014
Cathy, QLD  
The perfect destination for the most relaxing holiday for busy people. A real pick me up!  
1 July 2014
Iris, QLD  
Most enjoyable & relaxing. Loved the culture. Great service! Staff all friendly and most helpful.
1 July 2014
G+JS 2014 
We have had a wonderful holiday and are going home rested and with a new appreciation of the variety that makes up modern Fiji. Highly recommended.  
1 July 2014
Anne, NSW  
What a great dive crew! So helpful and friendly.  
30 June 2014
Laraine, QLD 
What a fantastic trip. Thanks to everyone!
27 June 2014
Monica, USA 
Fantastic crew, great nanny, wonderful experience.  
24 June 2014
M.E, NZ  
Excellent experience. Far outseeing our expectations. Wonderful staff, amazing food, incredible scenery and amazing adventures. Highly recommend Captain Cook Cruises  
24 June 2014
A&B, NZ  
Everything about the cruise was fantastic from the facilities, activities, fine dining, entertainment and most of all the staff for whom nothing was too much trouble,
21 June 2014
John, NZ  
Did the 7 day Yasawa cruise, first time cruising. Had a fantastic time. The crew were fabulous, very friendly, attentive remembered peoples names. Food excellent and plentiful and our waistlines are showing it. We would love to come back and do another long cruise, just waiting to win lotto. 
17 June 2014
Carol, SA 
Excellent cruise, staff and crew so helpful. Will be back again.  
17 June 2014
Chris,  VIC
We had a fantastic cruise especially due to the wonderful crew. Absolutely first class crew with service and friendliness.  
17 June 2014
Lynn, Canada 
The 7 day cruise was a wonderful introduction to Fijian life and culture in which the entire crew participated. Plenty of outings for an active lifestyle,. Exceptionally good food with lots of variety.  
14 June 2014
Roslyn, NZ 
I cruised with CCC 16 years ago and wanted to bring along friends for a special occasion. The cruise exceeded our expectations - fabulous staff, food and activities. I cant wait to do another cruise with CCC. 
14 June 2014
Allan, QLD 
The cruise was excellent, relaxing and with a variety of activities to keep everyone occupied. The staff were helpful.
3 June 2014
Les, QLD 
Great cruise, great crew and great services. Just great!  
20 May 2014
Michelle QLD
Our family has had such a fabulous time on our 7 night cruise around the Yasawa islands. The crew were outstandingly helpful and fun. Our children really loved the care and attention they showed them. Every destination was simply stunning! You get to see the very best of Fiji. We highly recommend this trip. Thank you for the crew for making this our most favourite holiday yet.  
20 May 2014
Great 5 days on the cruise with interesting activities and an amazing crew!  
20 May 2014
Alesi, NSW 
Fantastic Cruise, the best staff and extremely well organised. Will recommend!  
17 May 2014
Aldar, NSW 
Fantastic Holiday, the best way to see Fiji. Crew are just wonderful and looked after us so well. 
17 May 2014
A wonderful cruise. Crew could not do enough to make the holiday easy. All were extremely friendly.  
13 May 2014
Louise, NZ 
Thank you for a fantastic cruise. We enjoyed every moment and your staff constantly made us feel like part of the family. We will definitely be back again! 
13 May 2014
David, NSW 
Staff and crew wonderful. Pleasure to be cruising with Captain Cook.  
13 May 2014
Brodie, NSW
The staff were all great and very friendly and approachable. The culture we got to witness was amazing, 
15 Apr 2014
Roger, VIC 
Outstanding service and caring - certainly a family of happy people - well done.  
15 Apr 2014
Jim. SA 
Friendly crew, very sociable environment. Visits to the school and village made great memories. 
12 Apr 2014
Margaret NSW
We are disembarking after the 3 night cruise but we could have certainly spent more time on board. A wonderful experience with exceptional staff, thank you.  

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27 June 2012

Read about Reef Endeavour's make over and relaunch in The Jet. Click here to view it online, Or you can download a .pdf
version here.

13 March 2012 Captain Karina featured on the Disney Channel showcasing her mum Janaina who works for Captain Cook Cruises.
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Fiji Sun
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20 November 2011
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23 June 2011
APP / Yahoo News 
Read about Jennifer Chapman's experiences on the new 7-night Discovery Cultural Cruise in her story "Visit rural Fiji via a cruise ship" Click here 
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30 October 2010
Weekend Australian
30 October 2010
Weekend Australian
A fantastic article about tourism operators efforts to assist Fijians Click here to view a pdf of the story, or here to view it online
12 August 2010
Travel with Tots
Read about Lyn's first cruise holiday experience on the 7-Night Yasawa Islands Cruise with her 3 daughters, Ailie (18), Caitlin (15) and Kelly (10). Click here for the full story.
23 May 2010
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Northern Dateline Cruise - Forget the lost luggage, Erin O'Dwyer doesn't have a care in the world as she combs beaches, snorkels the reefs and dines with locals on Fiji's remotest islands. Click here to read the full story. (Please note cruises now operate aboard MV Reef Endeavour vessel, NOT MV Reef Escape). 
1 April 2010
Spice News 
Captain Cook Cruises MV Reef Endevour has replaced the MV Reef Escape in Fiji to better accommodate conference and incentive groups for 3, 4 or 7 night island cruising. Click here to read the full artice. 
Prow's Edge Cruise
Northern Dateline Cruise - Read Roger Allnutt's experience on our 7-Night Fiji Islands Dateline Cruise aboard MV Reef Escape . Click here for the full review. (Please note cruises now operate aboard MV Reef Endeavour vessel, NOT MV Reef Escape). 

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