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9 Tips for Cruising with Kids

admin March 20, 2019

Finding the perfect family holiday destination can be tough: you need to find something that will cater to children, while also giving adults a well-earned break. How can you make sure everyone will have a good time while they’re away?

Cruises are a fantastic way for the whole family to enjoy a break. They’re good value for money, as the cost of food is included with your accommodation and transport, and you don’t have to deal with moving from hotel to hotel or stressing about where your seven-year-old has wandered off to. Cruises bundle on-board swimming pools and games with luxurious spas and cozy bars, so there’s something for every age bracket.

Here’s a list of simple tips and tricks to help make your cruise as enjoyable as possible for not only you but your children.

1. Choose the correct room!

Firstly, take note of the differences between cabins, staterooms, and suites before deciding which is best for your family. Different rooms have different combinations of beds and amenities: will a cabin with four bunk beds give you the value for money you seek, or would you prefer the extra space of adjoining staterooms?

2. Consider child-minding services

If you’d like some quality time for yourself, most cruises (including Captain Cook Cruises) offer child minding services. These can vary based on the age of your child, and often need to be booked in advance. Many cruise lines will also have an age minimum, so if you’re planning to cruise with your toddler in tow, definitely check with the cruise company first.

3. Spend some quality time with your kids

While some time spent separately might be nice, a cruise is also a fantastic time to reconnect with your kids through shared holiday experiences. Spend some time on a journey of discovery through the Fiji islands as you explore beaches teeming with marine life and villages bursting with vibrant, friendly Fijian culture.

4. Talk to them about safety

Before you start your cruise, make sure your child knows what to expect, talk to them about safety guidelines, and help them with their packing. One way to help your child enjoy their holiday is to hand them an inexpensive disposable camera and tell them to take photos of what they like best. Then get ready to enjoy a well-earned family break together!

5. Bring some of their favorite toys and gadgets

While your child might be heavily distracted by the many wonders and activities provided while on your cruise, it is important to note that just like adults, there will be some downtime. In these moments, your child might become increasingly restless and bored. One way to mitigate this is by bringing along some of their favorite toys or gadgets. Just make sure to not spend all their time playing by themselves though!

6. Make sure they respect others around them

Your child for the most part never means to make a ruckus loud enough to disturb the peace of others, but it is important that they understand how their noise can impact people. Talk to them either before or during the cruise about noise, especially while they eat their food. While it is essential to have fun, this can’t be done while annoying others around you.

7. Bring some swimming equipment!

As you embark on your cruise, you will often have time for your kids to take part in water-based activities. This can be simply playing in the ship’s pool, snorkeling by coral reefs, or playing in the beach. To keep your child safe, bring along some floaties and other safety equipment.

8. Prepare for illnesses

Just like us, children can also suffer from motion and sea sickness. This can especially feel bad for them as they are not used to the constant rocking motion of the ship as it sails on the ocean. Purchase some child-friendly medication that can alleviate these issues.

9. Look into kids clubs and activities

As you head to the island of your choice, you will encounter a number of days in the ocean. While adults can pull out a book and relax, a child will simply become bored and restless. Thankfully, almost all cruise liners provide a kids club for your child to join. Take some time and research the activities provided to make sure this is right for you.

Start your family adventure today!

With all these tips at the ready, it should now be much easier to start planning your family cruise. If you want to discover the wonderful place called Fiji, check out our family packages as well as our kid’s club itinerary! We aim to make sure your experience is something that will last a lifetime.