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  • Cruise Tips October 3, 2017
    How Much Do You Need to Budget When Travelling to Fiji?

    Fiji is justifiably renowned for its tranquil turquoise lagoons, spectacular white sand beaches, beautiful landscapes and abundant wildlife. It’s also generally thought to be an expensive holiday option when compared to more traditional getaway destinations like Indonesia and Southeast Asia. In truth, Fiji has much to offer travellers on any Read More...

  • News August 24, 2017
    Instagram’s Best Tips and Tricks for Photographing The Stunning Scenery of Fiji

    From its glittering coral reefs and white sand beaches, to mythical mountains and rainforests, Fji offers some of the best photography opportunities in the South Pacific. For amateur photographers, there’s no better way to experience Fiji than through the lense of a camera, and whether you’re taking photos of Fiji’s Read More...

  • News June 30, 2017
    How to Incorporate the Magic of Fijian Culture Into Your Wedding

    The island nation is rich with traditions and customs, and regardless of your religion or culture, there are some beautiful Fijian elements that can be incorporated into your Fiji wedding, fitting with the location, theme and atmosphere. For Fijians, weddings are a favourite and very important event, filled with spectacle, Read More...

  • News May 11, 2017
    The Top 8 Ultimate Activities for Adrenaline Junkies in Fiji

    If you’re looking for your next travel destination, Fiji is one of the most beautiful and picturesque countries in the world to travel to. Not only is it a stunning setting, but the local people are known to be some of the friendliest people on Earth. But, apart from taking Read More...

  • News February 23, 2017
    Why a Trip to Fiji is the Perfect Corporate Team Bonding Experience

    When you hear the term ‘team building’, you’d be forgiven if you expressed a little eye roll. Think of team building and your thoughts may turn to cringing episodes of ‘The Office’, or at the very least lame exercises like the trust fall. But what if team building wasn’t lame? Read More...

  • News September 27, 2016
    Cruise News: the 10 Best Cruise Blogs

    The lucky few who call themselves cruise bloggers have managed to wrangle a life spent cruising the seas and rivers of the world, but this shouldn’t make you feel jealous. On the contrary, these bloggers are doing the hard yards for you. Anything you need to know about your upcoming Read More...

  • Families September 26, 2016
    Why Your Next Family Holiday Should Be in Fiji

    When you look back on your favourite childhood memories, chances are many of them were created whilst on holiday. Holidays are about fun, relaxation and quality family time – the ideal ingredients for creating lasting memories. A family holiday is healthy living at its best. A holiday is good for Read More...

  • News September 25, 2016
    What to Pack For a Cruise

    While planning for a cruise can be an exciting time, packing for your trip is another matter. How can you strike a balance between having everything you’ll need, and not going over the weight limit? It’s really like packing for any other kind of holiday – packing smartly is the Read More...

  • News September 26, 2016
    Getting Off The Beaten Path On Fiji’s Second-Largest Island: Vanua Levu

    The more undeveloped and rugged sibling to Viti Levu, Fiji’s second largest island of Vanua Levu boasts a plethora of natural beauty that has as of yet remained mostly untouched by tourism. Reminiscent of Hawaii half a century ago, Vanua Levu is the perfect spot for more adventurous spirits or Read More...

  • Fiji Essentials September 26, 2016
    10 Things To Do When Visiting Fiji

    With so much to discover, Fiji truly is a place for all ages. It’s a lush paradise with friendly locals, adventure, history, and tranquility. A bucket list of things to do while you are there could quickly get out of hand. So to help you out, we’ve whittled it down Read More...

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All was just excellent, the crew, the guests, the food, it was a holiday in paradise!

Susanne, Switzerland, 18/2/2020

Great food, love the music, fun and full of exciting activities.

Meli, Aust, 3/1/2020

Brilliant evening. Great crew, very friendly. Sunsets amazing.

John, UK, 14/2/2020

The destinations each day were amazing, the activities were excellent especially snorkelling. I have never experienced such wonderful staff on a cruise before. The food and quality of care from staff was superb.

Paul, QLD, 18/2/2020

Amazing family experience.

Jope,WA (Aust), 7/1/2020

Absolutely lovely view, excellent food.

April, Scotland, 14/11/2019

Vinaka for making us part of your family for the week, I take your wonderful smiles and joy of life home with me.

Janice, Canada, 4/2/2020
7NC Colonial

Loved the snorkelling and the sharks

Rachael, USA, 10/1/2020

The crew is truly amazing, very friendly and welcoming, Everyone always has a smile and is ready to help, loved that! Will miss the team, the food was excellent.

Ana, USA, 15/2/2020

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