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  • Families August 19, 2019
    10 Reasons Why Fiji is the Ultimate Travel Destination for Families and Children

    Holidays are about fun, relaxation and quality family time. A holiday is good for the mind, body and spirit. So what better place to go for a trip than to Fiji? A location that has been voted the best place in the world for beach and family holidays by Australian Read More...

  • Cruise Tips March 20, 2019
    Tips for Organising the Family Before, During and After Travel

    Your love of travel doesn’t have to end when you have kids. If you plan it right, travelling with your children can be an enjoyable and stress-free experience. To create a wonderful family travel experience, plan ahead and have strategies ready to keep the kids happy. Use proven methods to Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    What to Know Before Booking a Cruise

    Cruising is one of the fastest-growing parts of the tourism industry and according to reports, it’s now one of the hottest holiday trends for millennials. So what should you know about cruising? Well... A cruise is essentially a large, floating holiday resort. On board, you can enjoy the luxury and Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    What Kinds of People Go On a Cruise?

    One of the most common questions we get from people who’ve never been on a cruise is: what kinds of people will be on the boat? Well, we can’t speak for all cruises, but we do know the kinds of guests who take a Captain Cook Cruise... A Captain Cook Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    Cruising Fiji on a cultural & colonial cruise

    Travel writer Fiona Harper shares her experience cruising Fiji on Captain Cook’s Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise… A time capsule from Fiji’s colonial days, Levuka is a popular stopover on Captain Cook’s 7-night Colonial Fiji Discovery Cruise. In its day Levuka was a wild town with a reputation for drunkenness and Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises May 3, 2018
    Guns, God and Gin: ingredients for the first capital of Fiji, Levuka

    The first capital of Fiji was born into anarchy and the sort of wild life only created by stir-crazy sailors and hustlers. Travel Writer Roderick Eime walked the pathways of this historic Fiji town, soaking up the history. The quiet lanes of sleepy Levuka hide a turbulent past. The flame trees Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    Cast Away into the Paradise of the Mamanuca Islands

    Clear waters, bright coral gardens, pristine beaches and lagoons – sound like the holiday you’re dreaming of? The Mamanuca Islands are renowned for such natural beauty and have even been the scenery of choice for films like Tom Hanks’ Cast Away. It’s no wonder this volcanic archipelago is the location Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises March 20, 2019
    11 Must Visit Fijian Cultural and Historic Destinations

    Fiji is known for its stunning islands and relaxing atmosphere, and the very word ‘Fiji’ generally conjures up images of relaxing in hammocks and sipping juices on the beach. But for those who like to soak up culture and historic sights on their travels, Fiji also offers plenty to see Read More...

  • Cruise Tips March 20, 2019
    9 Tips for Cruising with Kids

    Finding the perfect family holiday destination can be tough: you need to find something that will cater to children, while also giving adults a well-earned break. How can you make sure everyone will have a good time while they’re away? Cruises are a fantastic way for the whole family to Read More...

  • Cruise Tips March 20, 2019
    Tips on the Proper Shoes to Take on a Cruise

    Cruises can be the ultimate trip of a lifetime. There is so much to see and do, and so many wonderful events also held on-board the ship. While packing shoes for any holiday can be a huge task, packing shoes for a cruise can feel even more daunting if there Read More...

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All was just excellent, the crew, the guests, the food, it was a holiday in paradise!

Susanne, Switzerland, 18/2/2020

Great food, love the music, fun and full of exciting activities.

Meli, Aust, 3/1/2020

Brilliant evening. Great crew, very friendly. Sunsets amazing.

John, UK, 14/2/2020

The destinations each day were amazing, the activities were excellent especially snorkelling. I have never experienced such wonderful staff on a cruise before. The food and quality of care from staff was superb.

Paul, QLD, 18/2/2020

Amazing family experience.

Jope,WA (Aust), 7/1/2020

Absolutely lovely view, excellent food.

April, Scotland, 14/11/2019

Vinaka for making us part of your family for the week, I take your wonderful smiles and joy of life home with me.

Janice, Canada, 4/2/2020
7NC Colonial

Loved the snorkelling and the sharks

Rachael, USA, 10/1/2020

The crew is truly amazing, very friendly and welcoming, Everyone always has a smile and is ready to help, loved that! Will miss the team, the food was excellent.

Ana, USA, 15/2/2020

Captain Cook Fiji Is a multi - award winner in the industry