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High expectations can be dangerous. I learned this the hard way after planning a trip specifically to dive with whale sharks, a creature that’s evaded the peripheral of my mask for years. On my latest attempt, I ascended with nothing notable to jot in my logbook. Meanwhile, a Discover scuba diver on the same boat tilted his head and asked his guide, “So, what was that huge spotted fish?” In Fiji, the waters around the remote Lau islands hold a mystical reputation. Legend has it the water in Lau is clearer, the sea life is more abundant, and the reefs pop with brighter colors than the rest of Fiji—and the rest of Fiji is already top tier. I heard all

  • News July 5, 2021

    Captain Cook Cruises has joined with Rotary Club of Sydney Cove and Rotary Club of Nadi to establish a Rotary Australia Overseas Aid, tax deductible fund to raise money to support the families of unemployed hospitality workers in Fiji. Since March 2020 there has been no international tourism to Fiji. Read More...

  • News February 16, 2021
    Celebrating International Women in Science

    Celebrating International Women in Science – Captain Cook Cruises’ Reef sustainability efforts continue! The world renowned coral reefs’ of Fiji are natural wonders that can be experienced and explored by guests of Captain Cook Cruises. The sustainability and health of these unique reefs’ is a key focus of the company Read More...

  • News January 28, 2021
    New Lau & Heritage Cruises for Locals released

    Captain Cook Cruises, are celebrating the amazing response from our Fiji locals to Reef Endeavour cruises over the festive season by releasing some incredible opportunities to cruise in the next 4 months. Reef Endeavour, will also depart from the Port of Suva on selected itineraries each month.  Special cruises for Valentines day and the Read More...

  • News October 8, 2020
    Suva Sailings

    Full Day and Sunset Cruises in Suva Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is excited to announce commencement of new Suva based Day and Dinner and Event Cruise experiences from 16th October 2020. Due to market demand in the Suva area, Captain Cook Cruises have designed two wonderful cruises aboard their 200 Read More...

  • News September 29, 2020
    Instagram Giveaway: Terms and conditions

    To book your preferred date contact Captain Cook Cruises, tel +61-2-9126 8160 or email and quote your Booking number (as above). Flights to and from Fiji not included. For further information regarding the above cruise visit You are the recipient of a Captain Cook Cruise, a family owned, Australian/Fijian company. We Read More...

  • Fiji Islands July 29, 2020
    Buy a coral – Build a Reef

    Captain Cook Cruises are very excited to have reopened Tivua Island for day cruise experiences especially designed for locals. They have also launched their buy a coral - build a reef coral rejuvenation program that allows guests to get involved in reef sustainability when they are visiting Tivua island. Guests Read More...

  • Fiji Cruises August 19, 2019
    The Ultimate Guide to Levuka – Fiji’s First World Heritage Site

    The first seat of colonial power in Fiji is a must see for those travelling to this beautiful tropical country. Whether you’re visiting on a cruise ship or coming by aeroplane, Levuka is well worth the trip. The old town feel has been preserved through the architecture, and it's kept Read More...

  • Families August 19, 2019
    10 Reasons Why Fiji is the Ultimate Travel Destination for Families and Children

    Holidays are about fun, relaxation and quality family time. A holiday is good for the mind, body and spirit. So what better place to go for a trip than to Fiji? A location that has been voted the best place in the world for beach and family holidays by Australian Read More...

  • Fiji Essentials April 15, 2019
    14 Ways To Take Stunning Instagram Photos in Fiji and Where to Go

    From its glittering coral reefs and white sand beaches, to the mythical mountains and rainforests, Fiji offers some of the best photography opportunities in the South Pacific. For amateur photographers, there’s no better way to experience Fiji than through the lens of a camera. Whether you’re taking photos of Fiji’s Read More...

  • Fiji Essentials March 20, 2019
    Fiji’s Plants and Wildlife: What To Look For on Your Holiday

    Fiji may be famous for its rugged landscapes, palm-lined beaches, coral reefs and crystal clear lagoons, but there’s more to this archipelago than what you see in the tourist brochures. The 300+ islands were once covered by miles of dry forests and dense tree populations and while centuries of Read More...

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All was just excellent, the crew, the guests, the food, it was a holiday in paradise!

Susanne, Switzerland, 18/2/2020

Great food, love the music, fun and full of exciting activities.

Meli, Aust, 3/1/2020

Brilliant evening. Great crew, very friendly. Sunsets amazing.

John, UK, 14/2/2020

The destinations each day were amazing, the activities were excellent especially snorkelling. I have never experienced such wonderful staff on a cruise before. The food and quality of care from staff was superb.

Paul, QLD, 18/2/2020

Amazing family experience.

Jope,WA (Aust), 7/1/2020

Absolutely lovely view, excellent food.

April, Scotland, 14/11/2019

Vinaka for making us part of your family for the week, I take your wonderful smiles and joy of life home with me.

Janice, Canada, 4/2/2020
7NC Colonial

Loved the snorkelling and the sharks

Rachael, USA, 10/1/2020

The crew is truly amazing, very friendly and welcoming, Everyone always has a smile and is ready to help, loved that! Will miss the team, the food was excellent.

Ana, USA, 15/2/2020

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